Smoke detector day 2013: Design lifesaver

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Article from the 2013-09-13

The federal smoke detectors day is on Friday, the 13th of September. Fire brigades, chimney sweepers, insurances and distributors explain that smoke detectors are able to save lives on that day. Not only on Friday the 13th.

The noticeable majority of Germans, more than 70 per cent, believe that smoke detectors are important or very important, according to a representative survey by the opinion-research-institute Marplan of 2011. Since then, the federal estates have also recognized the danger and meanwhile inserted a smoke detectors obligation law in nearly the whole country – except for Berlin and Saxony where there are plans to equip all homes with smoke detectors step by step.

The biggest danger in case of an incendiary – and this is no news – surely doesn’t come from the fire itself, but from the smoke. And even if smoke detectors aren’t able to avoid any fire, it saves lives.

The design alternative for the sad grey technique

Still only a small amount of German houses are equipped with smoke detectors. Maybe because the obligation of installing them in houses is only effective when the need of renovating comes in most of the federal estates, or maybe because most of the users don’t know how dangerous fire can be. Many people also fear the installation of the small detectors because they think of big, bulky and grey objects at their ceilings when they hear the word “smoke detector”.

But that fear is part of the past, since there are many alternatives for the devices that we know from the past. Starting with golf-ball like, nearly invisible models, up to design smoke detectors that look like insects, there are many smoke detectors that one might present without any style-loss. Design and safety aren’t contradictory anymore; there is no reason to ignore the lifesaving helpers at the ceiling. But even though the obligation only comes into effect in a few years, the feeling of safety is already worth the installation of smoke detectors.

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