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Trend colour world shine: focus on female winter colours

EOS Medium from Umage in rose

Positive, powerful and shimmering - the colours of the Shine trend world encourage us to break new ground in 2019. And it becomes feminine: bold colour combinations are tried out with a variety of shades in purple and shiny materials set futuristic accents. This trend is driven above all by equality between women and men - and much more. Find out all about the backgrounds and how the colours of the Shine trend are set in your four walls.

The colour world Shine is one of four Colour Trends 2019, which were chosen by the NCS Colour Academy. Like all colour trends, it is oriented towards social and societal needs. News from near and far reaches us almost daily: headlines about Brexit, attacks, environmental pollution - but also the equal rights of men and women are recurring topics. Inspired by these turbulent times of recent years, Shine means as much as hope for a better world. The Colour Trend Shine embodies this by celebrating a better future with deep purple, rich green and neon turquoise.

  1. Purple, the colour of justice
  2. Set up in purple
  3. The interplay of winter colours
  4. Set accents - metallic shiny look

The key colour of the Shine colour world is a deep, spiritual purple tone inspired by Arabic. Blue meets red, masculine meets feminine, water meets fire, peace meets war - this duality inspires reflection. Equality between men and women remains an issue, not only in the Arab world. While 100 years of women's suffrage in Germany were recently celebrated, women's quotas and equal pay continue to be an issue.

Colour Block Blanket by Vitra in Bordeaux and Blue
Pulpo - Oda Lamp small, aubergine / black base
173 Armchair by Freistil in Black Red (6085)

Violet is the colour of feminism, a colour for emancipation and female love. The peace movement of the eighties chose the colour purple as its symbolic colour. Power and self-confidence are symbolized. The choice of dark purple, light lilac and rosé shades brings in a feminine touch that discreetly points out the prevailing problems. Women fighting for your rights all over the world will be strengthened. Moreover, purple is the colour of a new beginning, the beginning of a new world and gives courage to break new ground.

The spectrum of violet shades ranges from delicate lilac to strong purple to mysterious dark violet. The nuances can be combined with each other in a great way, which is why violet can also be used to create tone in tone. Brave people can also arrange purple to other colors such as green, red, blue or yellow. If you don't really dare, you can score with stronger purple shades and purple accessories as eye-catchers.

ferm Living - Unfold Room Divider

Lightly lightened to a delicate lilac, the colour has a lovely, light and feminine effect and has a calming effect. Rosé symbolizes a new beginning and can be helpful to find a new beginning in life.

Drop by Fritz Hansen in Pink and Blue

The colour palette of the Shine winter world is broad. The dark purple tone and matching lighter lilac tones are accompanied by a dark fir green and lilac blue. These muted colours fit wonderfully into the cold season and provide a pleasant warmth in winter. Soft velour fabrics with a velvety surface in the colours mentioned can be found in the 173 armchair by freistil , the Pouf Velour by ferm Living or the Circus Pouf by Normann Copenhagen .

Rotary Tray by Vitra in ice grey
Vitra - Eames Elephant small, ice gray

How do you like the combination with light ice blue? Sure, it takes a bit of courage, but we think the trend colour is lively. At IMM 2019 our design scouts Sabrina, Laura and Markus were able to discover this exciting colour combination. Thus the drop of Fritz Hansen shines in the new colour variants "Millenial Pink" and "In doubt ... blue".

Metallic and shiny objects connect us with the digital world and a postmodern and futuristic reality. We are inspired by the digitalization that is a large part of our lives. Shiny design objects in metallic optics, such as the Melt or Flask pendant luminaires by Tom Dixon, provide the perfect science fiction look.


We wish you much joy in furnishing and courage for colour for the year 2019!

Article from the 2019-01-23, of Sophie Wrede

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