Utopia: Vitra becomes Changemarker

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Article from the 2011-11-07

The Swiss designer furniture manufacturer Vitra hat das Utopia Changemaker Manifest unterschrieben (German site) and engaged itself more to sustainability regarding their own furniture and the company guidance. In ten "Commitments", the manifest explains aims and measures to which Vitra obliges itself.

E.g. one goal is to give the Blaue Engel (Blue Angel) Certificate to all office chairs from Vitra as it already happened in the Eco Packages with MedaPal and MedaSlim. Furthermore some of the most important products from Vitra should be analyzed and developed according to some of the most important Vitra products.

Moreover greenhouse emission by traveling will decrease by 5% in the following year as well as ancient heaters should be exchanged by efficient block-heat factories. Longetivity, high quality and timeless designs are still the most important point on the Vitra agenda, so that the products are still long-lasting and are passed from generation to generation.

Vitra furthermore wants to be an example for the whole furniture branch as Changemaker and market for a high ecological understanding at the customers. Sustainability, longevity and quality should still convince customers so that the purchase-decision wilt not only be made by short-term criteria and the cheapest prices.

Find the Vitra Changemaker Manifest (German site) on the Utopia homepage.

About Utopia
Utopia wants to reach a sustainable change in the consumers' behavior and lifestyle of millions of people. So that they decide more conscious and with every purchase of sustainable products and fair working conditions in the whole world. Together with a wide community Utopia wants to set an impulse directed to companies that focus on economic, ecologic and social sustainability. Further information on the Utopia Homepage.

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