Vitra & G-Star interpret Jean Prouvé

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Article from the 2011-06-29

The furniture manufacturer Vitra and the Jeans specialist G-Star have developed the Prouvé Raw collection together. It includes new interpretations of 17 classic designs from the great French designer and architect Jean Prouvé. The designs emerged in close collaboration with the designer’s family and mirror the essence of the Jean Prouvé works fulfilling them with timeless colours, textiles and details at the same time.

Vitra, G-Star and the Jean Prouvé family worked together during a total of two years developing the collection. Tables, chairs and lamps are among the collection’s products. Some less known designs of the designer and architect were re-discovered during the work and numerous classic designs received a fresh and contemporaneous appearance.

The furniture is still presented in the fire station on the Vitra Campus in Weil on the Rhine until July the 31st. All 17 designs of the Prouvé Raw collection are only presented in the course of the event. Nine of the seventeen shown products will be available in a special edition from Vitra from autumn 2011.

Jean Prouvé (1901-1984) is considered one of the greatest French designers of the 20th century. He was an architect, engineer and passionate teacher, an extremely productive inventor, visionary craftsman and founder of the Prouvé studio. But especially, Jean Prouvé was a practical “constructor” who used to experiment with his sketches and who constantly adapted them to the spirit of time. His designs speak a language of necessity and construction, but also poetical playfulness lies in his innovative products.

Find more information about the cooperation of Vitra and G-Star, the collection Prouvé Raw and the product’s images on Vitra’s homepage.

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