Muuto: Call-back of Wood Lamp

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Article from the 2014-02-05

The Danish manufacturer Muuto calls the Wood Lamp back because of safety lacks. All the people that already bought one, will get a replacing, improved Wood Lamp for free.

Muuto started a call-back for all the sold Wood Lamps to be exchanged by an improved specimen for free after a suggestion of the Danish Safety Service for Trade and Industry.

The affected Wood Lamps have a wrong CE-seal, which suggests the employment of a 60 Watt light bulb, despite the fact that the lam should be used with light bulbs of maximal 40 Watt.

Furthermore the lamp’s base of the Wood Lamp has wrong dimensions, since it might tilt if it is positioned and adjusted a little wrong.

Muuto emphasizes that other products, such as the popular Stacked oder Dots aren’t affected and that there hasn’t been any accidents with the Wood Lamp. But in order to ensure safety also in the future, the Danish manufacturer prefers to take the lamps back and to deliver free replacements. The manufacturer assures that the improved version, which will be available from April 2014, won’t have any risks or safety lacks.

All customers that already bought a Muuto Wood Lamp at Connox are requested to send their lamp back to Connox. If there are any questions about the processing, please contact us under +49 (0)511 – 300 341 0 or under

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