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Pop art

How to bring the trendy pop art into your home

Art and interior design have always been closely related, but Pop Art has crowned it all. This art movement is not only connected with everyday life, but actually emerged from it. High time to bring pop art into your home!

Pop Art - the expressive living trend for your home:

Origins of Pop Art

The interior design style Pop Art is based on the art movement of Pop Art, which originated in the fifties and sixties. It developed around the same time independently in the United States and Great Britain. The name is an abbreviation of "Popular Art", which can be translated as "art for the people".

Mona Lisa (pixel) 100 x 140 cm from IXXI

Inspired by posters, comics, advertising campaigns or packaging, artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andi Warhol and Richard Hamilton turned everyday objects into art objects. Thus, no new idols were created, but well-known motifs were reinterpreted.


Be it the special color scheme, the choice of artwork or the reinterpretation of familiar and everyday objects: Pop Art speaks its own language. From the beginning, graphics and design were linked, art and everyday life were connected - what is allowed is what pleases.

Magis - Sam Son Armchair, curry

Motifs used are torn out of their original context, isolated and thus changed in their meaning. The often ironic note can also be understood as a critique of consumer society.


Whether accessories in screaming yellow, furniture in intense royal blue and textiles in bright pink: neon colors are characteristic of the Pop Art style. The colors can be combined at will - the shriller, the more authentic. Wall color also varies from green, to pink, to red - often two contrasting colors are combined.

Our tip: If you like it a little more simple, combine the pop colors with neutral backgrounds such as a light floor or furniture in muted shades. This way they look striking and at the same time refreshing and light.

Furniture and accessories

Pop art style in interior design is characterized by the bright and flashy colors. But this does not mean that your apartment must be thoroughly decorated with bright colors. As in the art itself, here you can work very well with contrasts. Especially in connection with a rather ordinary interior objects in pop art style looked particularly lively.

Glass side table from HKliving in color amber

Tempo wall clock by Magis in orange
Ettore doorstop by Magis
360° container 5 compartments in blue by Magis

Furniture in rounded and clear shapes are reminiscent of the furniture of the 60s. Among the classics that have stood the test of time to this day are the "Egg Chair" by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen or the cantilever "Panton Chair" based on designs by Danish designer Verner Panton.

Panto Pop Chair from Verpan in yellow
Pocket Metal from String in neon
Easy Chair, Karandash (006) by Verpan
Poppins Umbrella Stand from Magis in flour orange
Raviolo Armchair from Magis in orange
Magis - Spun chair - dark purple
FK04 Calvert Coffee table, neon red from e15

In combination with geometric accessories and retro motifs can be formed exciting contrasts. Especially with reproductions and original posters you can set typical pop art accents in your living room in no time.

Gentil Poster, 70 x 100 cm from Paper Collective
The BLOOM 01 Amber Poster, 50 x 70 cm from Paper Collective
The Meltdown poster from Paper Collective , 50 x 70 cm
Donner 50 x 70 cm from Paper Collective

We wish you a lot of fun trying out and remodeling!

Article from the 2022-09-02, of Bianca Speckhan

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