Joe´s Barbeque Smoker

The winner of numerous national and international grilling masters, Joe’s Barbecue Smoker, exclusively manufactures with pure handicraft.

Here comes the winner of numerous national and international BBQ competitions…

Joe’s Barbecue Smoker® is a brand of the German company Rumo BBQ and the result of what Rumo learned from many years of cooperation with grill teams, BBQ fans and catering professionals.

The processing of all Joe’s Barbeque Smokers® is perfect. Rumo produces all fireplaces, grills and smokers by hand. The careful production out of steel tube with an original thickness of 6.35 mm guarantees enormous durability and resistance.

Each product by Joe’s Barbeque Smoker® bribes with highest functionality.

The specialty of a Joe’s Barbeque Smoker® is the refined two-chambers-system, which makes it possible to cook things carefully. At temperatures from 90°C to 130°C, the grilling goods are cooked indirectly over a longer time, there will be no fat falling from it into the glow – healthy grilling enjoyment for the whole family.

The assortment of Joe’s Barbeque Smoker® has a lot of models for different purposes: Starting with simple fireplaces that are also usable as grills, such as the Smoker-starter models of Joe’s Barbeque Smoker® - Silver Edition. Also classic models for private use are in the assortment of Joe’s Barbeque Smoker® - Original. Moreover there are professional smokers, such as the Joe’s Barbeque Smoker® Chuckwagon or the enormous trailer, especially made to be used for industrial kitchens and for caterings. Individual Barbeque Smokers can be complied according to the customer’s demands.

The brand’s name Joe’s Barbeque Smoker® comes from the famous BBQ master and company manager Joe Davidson (founder of the Joe’s Barbeque Group Oklahoma).

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