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KitchenAid produces high quality kitchen appliance and helping items. With the wholeness “integrated kitchen concept” from KitchenAid nowadays every hobby cook will enjoy an excellent, first class kitchen at home.


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KitchenAid - A Manufacturer Revolutionizes the Daily Kitchen Life

KitchenAid produces high quality kitchen appliance and helping items. With the entirely “integrated kitchen concept” from KitchenAid nowadays every hobby chef will enjoy an excellent, first class kitchen at home. The company looks back upon a long tradition.

The history began in the year 1908 in Troy, Ohio. The engineer Herbert Johnston observed a baker trying to mix his bread dough with a heavy iron spoon. He decided to create a better and easier process. TheJohnston’s working result was the first commercial kitchen machine: the Hobart-Model H, which from 1914, was sold to bakeries and the US-Navy.

The big success determined the Hobart engineers to new designs and developments. Already in 1919, the first kitchen machine for private households, the model H-5, was presented by Hobart. When Hobart leaders's wives tested the H-5, one of them said: “I don’t care how you call it; this appliance is the best kitchen aid I ever had”. The brand-name KitchenAid® was born – and registered as a trademark in the US-American patent office.

Revolutionary Innovations make the KitchenAid Appliance Essential

Another revolutionary step: in 1920 KitchenAid patented its unique planetary mixer. The success increased and the “KitchenAid” became an essential tool for well equipped kitchens. In 1923 the first ads from KitchenAid® were already placed in magazines. In 1927 KitchenAid® introduced the new model G. In only three years, 20,000 of this lighter and more compact, than the H-5 model kitchen appliance had been sold. EvenHenry Ford was a proud owner of this innovation from the “Golden Twenties”.

The 1930s were characterised by the world economic crisis. As a reaction to the Big Depression KitchenAid® employed the nationwide recognized industry designer Egmont Arens in 1936 to design three new models. The kitchen appliance was supposed to become affordable for every household and become universally applicable and easy to handle. In the following year, the K series designed by Arens was introduced, which is nearly unaltered until today.

KitchenAid Shapes the Appearance of Kitchens Worlwide with Trend Colours

Throughout the 1950s, KitchenAid® revealed the first colourful household-machines in the USA and set drastic new accents in the kitchen appliance area with colours like petal-pink, island-green, satin-chrome and antique-copper. The 80s were shaped by an ever growing product range. In 1986 KitchenAid® completed its assortment of large appliances with refrigeators.

After the household coffee-mills (since 1938) KitchenAid® enlarged its product range of portable household appliance with the Blender in the year 1992. The stand-blender appeared already in the following year with fresh and outstanding colours. In 1993 also the first food processor models have been intorduced.

Since 2001 Kitchenid® started a fundraising campaign in favour of "Susan G. Komen for the Cure", the breast cancer-union. Ever since, altogether more than six million dollars have been donated.

The wide product assortment of the kitchen specialist KitchenAid®includes toasters, espresso machines, stand mixers, kitchen tools , pots and pans and built-in appliance.

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