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Koziol - Kant Butter Dish Koziol - Kant Butter Dish, white / transparent €9.95 *Koziol - Kant Spatula Koziol - Kant Spatula, mustard green €9.95 *Koziol - Kant Pizzacutter Koziol - Kant Pizzacutter, mustard green €9.95 *Koziol - Kant Grater Koziol - Kant Grater, mustard green €17.95 * 5 von 5Koziol - Kant Stirring Spoon Koziol - Kant Stirring Spoon, mustard green €9.95 *Koziol - Kant Chopping Board Koziol - Kant Chopping Board, mustard green €19.95 *

Clear edges: Koziol emphasizes edges with the Kant Collection. The kitchen tools by the designers Dreikant and Serge Atallah are inspired by the Stone Age.

On the first sight you will already recognize what the designers and Koziol thought about when they created the Kant Collection: The focus on simplicity! Many modern products are formally full of things, without improving their function. Kant is different: clear forms, edges and surprisingly simple use – something nearly forgotten today,

The Koziol Kant Collection thinks back of the Stone Age tools with the archaic shapes. Since why should things be wrong, which were good then? The simples solutions are often the best ones. And that’s the reason why cutting, peeling and rasping works completely easily with the Stone Age inspired tools of modernity.