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The British company Luckies offers unique gift articles. The main seat of Luckies is in an ancient recording studio in Notting Hill, West London.

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Luckies - Corkboard Map Luckies - Corkboard Map €39.95 *Luckies - Travelogue Journal Luckies - Travelogue Journal €25.95 *Luckies - Scratch Map Deluxe Edition Luckies - Scratch-Map Deluxe Edition €32.50 *Luckies - Scratch Map Luckies - Scratch Map €25.95 *Luckies - Brown Paper Bag Luckies - Brown Paper Bag, lunch bag €18.95 *Luckies - Smartphone projector deluxe Luckies - Smartphone projector deluxe €34.95 *Luckies - Smartphone projector Luckies - Smartphone projector €24.95 *Luckies - Scratch Map Travel Edition Luckies - Scratch-Map Travel Edition €20.95 * 5 von 5Luckies - Scratch Map Europa Luckies - Scratch Map Europe €25.95 *Luckies - Scratch Map Gourmet Luckies - Scratch-Map Gourmet €31.95 *Luckies - Star Map Luckies - Star Map €25.95 * 5 von 5Luckies - Scratch Globe Luckies - Scratch Globe €34.50 *Luckies - Memory storage box Luckies - Memory storage box €44.95 *Luckies - Undercover Phone Sleeve Luckies - Undercover Phone Sleeve €12.95 *Luckies - CapitaLIST Money Pig Luckies - Capitalist Money Pig €19.95 *Luckies - Scratch Map USA Luckies - Scratch Map USA €25.95 *Luckies - Robot gift wrap Luckies - Robot gift wrap €18.95 *Luckies - Animal gift wrap Luckies - Animal gift wrap €18.95 *

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The British company Luckies offers unique gifts. Luckies is based in an old recording studio in Notting Hill, West London.

Driven by his dream of being self-employed, the owner Jim first completed his training at two large gift manufacturers. After finally gathering enough of his own experience, he founded his own company at a fair in May 2005, when he was 29 years old: Luckies was born.

In the beginning, the Luckies range was made up of many gadgets and gifts that already existed but weren’t available in the UK. The young, enthusiastic, creative and humorous Luckies team still searches for innovative products for the Luckies range - although not just for the British market, as the company is a supplier for numerous retailers abroad now.

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