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Designer Bertrand Jayr is a concrete expert. For the Urban Collection by Lyon Beton, the Frenchman has designed products of all kinds made of the archaic material.

The Lyon Beton Urban Collection contains different products, from a flower pot to a toilet roll holder and up to a picture made of concrete. The products by Bertrand Jayr stage-manage themselves in a special way by giving everyday objects a new kind of materiality and industrial impression.

Humour and rebellion is inherent by a great deal in the sculptural concrete artworks by Jayr. They are graphically very prevalent without ever losing sight of its real use. The combination of shape and function also often offers aspects that are socially critical or stimulate reflection through their moral value.

Concrete products with character

Even though the concrete of the Urban Collection by Lyon Beton and Bertrand Jayr is an unusual used material for everyday objects, it has quite a lot of advantages. Concrete has the perfect characteristics for the free definition of surfaces and shapes. Even for those, one wouldn't expect: actually, even pictures can be made of the rough raw material.

With timeless simplicity, concrete provides solid conditions - for indoor as well as outdoor use. Through the manufacturing process every single piece of the Lyon Beton Urban Collection features slight differences and makes every product unique this way. Small air bubbles and slight colour variations confer personality and character to each product.