Marimekko - Kaiku Collection

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Kaiku is a pattern which fills your home with the width of Finnish landscapes. Maija Louekari designed the pattern in 2004 and the print is already considered a young classic today.

The Kaiku pattern looks like a window to the world. Kaiku, meaning “eco” in English, shows the width of Scandinavian landscapes in bribing graphical clearness. Black-white birches in front of a stage in friendly blue and green tones – the simplicity and quietness of the pattern from Marimekko is emphasized by hand-drawn lines and strong colours.

Marimekko’s Kaiku ports quietness and relaxation, which is especially relaxing in bedrooms with the Kaiku duvet cover and the pillowcase. The Kaiku shower curtain and the Kaiku tea towel bring a piece of nature into the bathroom and the kitchen.