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The Moleskine myCloud Collection is the practical collection, which is the perfect company at work, in leisure times and during holiday as well. The versatile bags by Moleskine won’t only get full of things you need, but as well full of emotions along the time.

Bags for modern nomads

The main idea behind myCloud: Moleskine is sure about the need of an anchor for the growing mobility embossed identity. That anchor is a product that mirrors our personality sustainably. This is where myCloud comes into effect, developed as special bags for modern nomads.

The myCloud series is made to complete the classic notebooks and other objects by the Italian manufacturer perfectly, not only in form but as well in function. The combinations are called “analogue clouds” by Moleskine, since they are tightly connected to the digital world. An idea, whose origin was creativity, saved in a notebook, shared online and finally printed and presented in a book. A connection of analogue and digital worlds.

Analogue cloud with many practical details

The analogue Cloud is filled with everything worth to be “saved”: The whole collection of Moleskine paper products, etuis, accessories, eBook readers, tablets or laptops – or everything else to be taken with you on the next trip. The selection of the own myCloud is as personal as the content, embodying the individuality of everyone, becoming symbolically important. The robust equipment and all the practical details are adapted to use myCloud during every possible adventure.

Joy and personality won’t stop at this point, since Moleskine really concentrated on the connection of analogue and digital worlds: The online game for the myCloud Collection isn’t only funny, but it generates personal profiles – every day again. A (not too serious) personality profile emerges in here, to be printed as luggage tag or to be shared in social networks. This is how your very own myCloud emerges, no matter if it emerges for analogue conquerors or bright environment-protectors, even more personal than we thought it already was.

Moleskine - myCloud Collection  

Moleskine - myCloud Collection

What do the things you carry around every day say about you? The myCloud Bags and Wallets by Moleskine are designed, having your contents in mind. Who are you today? Messenger bag, reporter bag or backpack.