Normann Copenhagen - Table Tableau

Normann Copenhagen - Table Tableau

Stylish Table Accessories

The Table Tableau series by Femmes Régionales for Normann Copenhagen includes tablecloths, napkins and candles with elaborately designed print motifs that, despite their slightly playful appearance, discreetly fit into any interior. The stylishly designed table accessories come from the creative Femmes Régionales agency.

Guests and hosts alike will appreciate the tasteful decorative elements, that can also be the perfect gift when attending a dinner party with friends and family. Lovingly arranged, the items from the Table Tableau series enhance any tablescape and create a homely atmosphere.

“The ability to set a beautiful table was a highly-regarded virtue in days gone by. It signaled refinement and indicated that one had invested time in creating a special setting for one's guests. A level of care and immersion that seems to have been left behind in today's busy, digitized way of life” say Femmes Régionales, who hope that Table Tableau will inspire people to rediscover the joy of table setting.