The Scandinavian company Norrmade


The design of Norrmade is always ready for wandering. Therefore, the design must adapt to different rooms. Nevertheless, every single design should also be special without any extra bells and whistles, enriching everyday life and bringing joy.


Norrmade - Double coat hook -43% Norrmade - Double Hook, inside: nature / outside: black RRP €69.00 €39.00 *Norrmade - Spot Hook -29% Norrmade - Spot Hook, black RRP €69.00 €49.00 *

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Nordic design tradition reinterpreted

The company Norrmade, based in Fredensborg, Denmark, is committed to design that is inspired by the life of nomads. Norrmade's designs are always ready for wandering and have no fixed place. The design must be able to adapt to various habitats and situations and be easy to move. However, every single design should still be special without any extra bells and whistles, enriching everyday life and bringing joy.

Back to the roots

Norrmade has manufactured furniture and home accessories since 2014. The assortment ranges from wardrobes and chairs to benches, tables and shoe shelves. Behind the designs of Norrmade are the designers Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk. It was possible for them to go back to the roots of Nordic culture with their designs and to reinterpret ancient utility items from centuries ago. Thereby honest pieces of furniture were created that are not trying to express something that they are not.

Aesthetic tableware with quality

Norrmade items are oriented towards the emergence of forms of utilitarian objects of the past. These emerged only because they were logical and functional and had no other utility.
If a piece of furniture has a loop, then it is not there for decoration, but rather for moving the item, for example. That in itself makes sense and gives the user a clear direction of the new possibilities that emerge with this piece of furniture at home.

The designer duo says,

We must remind ourselves that the products that we design are products of everyday life. They are supposed to work every day and for many years.

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