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Offi & Company are based in Tiburon (California) in the USA and were born out of the love for details.

Offi fulfills passion for design, while creating simple, pretty and practical furnishing elements that embody a modern and city-like lifestyle. Offi products are created to be multifunctional, comfortable, and at home in any modern home in the world.

The fusion with the Pure Design company opened new paths and widened the Offi assortment with numerous new products with the same demands. Also the designers that have worked for Pure Design before could win new products for Offi.

The Offi designers team nowadays consists of independent and international designers such as Eric Pfeiffer, TRUCK Product Architecture or Roberto Gil. Offi achieved to market more than 30 new and innovative products in the last 3 years with its hard-working designers - even honored with some design awards.

The products assortment by Offi includes furniture pieces for working and lounge areas as well as storage solutions, furnishing accessories and even an own children's furniture collection. All the Offi products possess an exceptional design, which completely fulfills the demands of a modern and urban lifestyle. Offi distributes its products over exclusive traders in North America, Europe and Japan.

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