Riedel - Sommeliers Glass Series

Riedel - Sommeliers Glass Series

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The Most Successful Hand-Made Glass Series in the World

Sommeliers is a classic wine glass series by Riedel Glas, which Claus Riedel has brought on the market in cooperation with the Italian Sommeliers Association A.I.S. (Associazione Italiana Sommeliers) in the 1970s. Back then as well as today, the Sommeliers series with 10 different wine goblets sets the standards for wine glasses of any kind and is the most successful hand-made glass series in the world.

Each glass of the series is unique and is manufactured elaborately by hand from crystal glass. The top parts are blown in the form whereas the stem and the base are made according to production methods, which were developed in ancient times and were already used 2000 years ago in the Mediterranean.

In addition to the wine goblets for the various red and white wines like Chablis, Riesling, Reserva, Burgundy and Bordeaux, and many more, the series includes glasses for sparkling wine, water, grappa, Sherry and tequila, champagne, cognac, whiskey and Martini. A special eye-catcher is the entirely with cobalt and manganese black coloured blind tasting glass. The colour of the wine can not be seen through the opaque glass and the wine tasters can fully concentrate on aroma and taste of the wine.