Röshults - Monaco

Röshults - Monaco Collection - Banner 3840 x 1440

Lounge series in iron, leather and glass

Iron. Leather. Glass. The Monaco lounge series by Röshults combines natural materials to an exclusive furniture series with an elegant form. The idea for the series comes from the Swedish designer duo Ridderstråle & Broberg. The Monaco Coffee Table from Röshults is supplemented in the series by a 2-seater and 3-seater sofa as well as a lounge chair. All variations of lounge furniture are coordinated in material - in colour and are a true eye-catcher either individually or together as a seating group.

The furniture of the collection consists of iron frames. Röshults presents a coffee table with an untreated iron frame, in addition to the classical colours black and white. Small defects and welding seams are visible and tell the story of each individual table. The leather for the upholstery and the lower shelf of the table comes exclusively from Scandinavian animals and is processed in Sweden.