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Royal VKB is a brand of the company Koninklijke van Kempen & Begeer that was founded in 1789 and is located in Zoetermeer in the Netherlands.


Royal VKB - D-Cap Bottle Opener Royal VKB - D-Cap Bottle Opener, anthracite €7.95 *Royal VKB - Flavour Stick Royal VKB - Flavour Stick, lime green €9.95 *Royal VKB - Table Island Royal VKB - Table Island, anthracite-cork €49.95 *Royal VKB - Chop Organizer Royal VKB - Chop Organizer, dark grey-white €14.95 *

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Royal VKW – create new traditions for the kitchen living space!

In 2007, Royal VKB began something that would forever change the company’s way of doing business.

The owners wanted to try something new within the trade that they had operated in since 1789. They were inspired by the increasing speed of life that has affected each and every one due to rising affluence and evolving technical abilities as well as changing consumers who are living more consciously than ever before.

People’s lifestyles do not change suddenly, but rather evolve step by step over time. In the past few years, Royal VKB has demonstrated its awareness of people’s lives and how they manage specific problems in daily life. The company encourages people to become conscious of that which was previously unconscious and does so in a way that people find appealing and beautiful. For Royal VKB, the combination of innovation, design and lifestyle remains the method of choice for reacting to the needs of our time. Through changes in society, there is constantly space for innovative products. What does a kitchen look like nowadays? It is not just a place for cooking and eating. Increasingly so, the kitchen is becoming the heart of the home where the family meets and all its members leave for school or work. Likewise, when everyone returns in the evening, the kitchen is the space to meet, eat and round off the day. Royal VKB reacts to this changing social environment with new products that meet consumers’ needs. Welcome to the kitchen living space by Royal VKB!

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