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The history of the Italian manufacturer Sambonet began in 1856. Today, the listed company is of one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality designer goods for the table and the kitchen.


Sambonet - Terra.Cotto Frying Pan Sambonet - Terra.Cotto sauce pan Ø 28.5 cm €79.90 *Sambonet - Terra.Cotto Cylindrical Casserole Sambonet - Terra.Cotto Cylindrical Saucepot 24 cm €79.90 *Sambonet - Terra.Cotto Saucepot Sambonet - Terra.Cotto Saucepot Ø 16.5 cm €64.90 *Sambonet - Terra-Cotto casserole flat Sambonet - Terra-Cotto casserole flat Ø 25 cm €74.90 *Sambonet - Terra.Cotto Oval Saucepot Sambonet - Terra.Cotto Oval Saucepot 29 cm €89.90 *

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Sambonet pots and kitchen accessories made from terracotta

The history of the Italian manufacturer Sambonet already began in 1856. Giuseppe Sambonet was born in 1856 as the son of a nobleman in Vercelli. After completing his studies in fine arts, he was given a patent as a master goldsmith and founded the company Giuseppe Sambonet.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Sambonet was the official jewellery supplier of many noble families, including the Duchess of Genoa and the Count of Turin. Despite traditional values, Italians have always been innovative: In 1932, Sambonet began the operation of a production facility on an industrial scale and increased production substantially. Six years later, the Italian company developed an innovative method for the production of stainless steel flatware and the silver plating of steel.

Designer products for the table and the kitchen

In 1947, Sambonet began the production of knives and blades made from stainless steel with proprietary technology. In 1956, Sambonet conquered the international market: Among 53 competitors, the family-owned company was awarded the contract for producing a ceramic series for the Hilton Hotel in Cairo, Egypt – and thereby entered the global stage.

Since then, more and more internationally-known designers have created products for Sambonet. Many of these products have made it into art museums such as the MoMA in New York City or won significant awards, including the Compasso d'Oro.

Today, Sambonet is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality designer goods for the table and the kitchen, both for personal use and for the catering and hotel sector. Including the well-known pot series Sambonet Terra.Cotto.
By now, other brands, including the German traditional manufacturer Rosenthal belong to the listed company.

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