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The German MOT came: We passed the test!

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Article from the 2015-04-02, of Anja Beckmann

s@fer shoppingWe received the s@fer-shopping seal of approval once again! This means that you will be able to continue shopping safely in our shop. Your data is in safe hands. Mister Bierhahn of the German MOT visited us yesterday – for the final audit – and he confirmed quality, safety and transparency. But what exactly does the German MOT do? Who is it? We will answer these questions in here!

TÜR SÜD (German MOT) is a renowned proofing institution of Munich. The company consults other companies of the whole production chain. It signs certificates and trains. The TÜV SÜD also tests the reliability, safety and quality as well as environmentally friendliness and efficiency of companies. Since safety is very important to customers of online shops, the experts of the TÜV SÜD Management Service GMBH also developed a new, uniform testing concept in January of 2011: s@fer-shopping. We are tested with this one every year.

Put to the acid: three times TÜV-tested

What is tested? It is a threefold procedure: the online test, the security check and a final audit. The online test contains the proof of our online pages by the TÜR SÜD team. They look at how our page is constructed, how the navigation structure works and checked the customer information. Moreover the TÜR simulated a typical purchase at our shop: the team researched and selected the offer, went to the order procedure and contacted the customer service.

The security check was exciting. The TÜR SÜD tried to hack our servers. Without success. The firewall works and works, the imaginary walls of our servers are unbeatable and all the names, addresses and bank data remain protected. A very big advantage is our self-developed “EC Suite” and our own IT-company Quillo. The very flexible software makes it possible to decide about chances of the safety and privacy polices immediately if required. It is adapted to high privacy from the beginning. The sensitive data it saves is accordingly protected. Our IT colleagues offer the expertise we need, directly in our company.

After passing the second round, the final local audit came. Our manager Thilo Haas showed all our company intern processes to mister Bierhahn: the organisation, technical measures for privacy as well as how we process orders, reclamation and questions of our customers.

We are very demanding – especially regarding customer service

Customer service was very important at yesterday’s audit. This one is very important at Connox. We have determinate principles and high demands to be fulfilled every day. Each product is carefully selected and the description of it in our shop includes a lot of information. We want our customers to get their ordered product as fast as possible – this aim is achieved in most of the cases within one only day. We want to be accessible and answer to E-Mails as fast as possible. And we ask for continuous feedback in regular surveys. We are interested in how our customers like to sho at Connox; we want to become better for our customers.

Yes, the certificate makes us happy, but the result doesn’t surprise us. We consequently work to reach these high demands, we want the customers to feel safe with privacy and optimize the safety precautions. The German MOT returns every year, for our customers to feel safe and because some certificates run out after one year. We don’t fear the visits of the TÜR because we remain informed all the time.

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