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Since its foundation in 1986, Sonnenleder has had the highest demands regarding real leather and quality.


Sonnenleder - Football - Torelli 54 Bern Sonnenleder - Torelli 54 Bern (N° 831 295) Soccer Ball €164.50 *

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Sonnenleder - Sun Leather

The Sonnenleder company sets its own trends when it comes to explain the topics "real leather" and "quality" – since its foundation in 1986.

Real leather is valuable, it lives, breathes and has a distinctive fragrance. Attempts at imitation fail at exactly these characteristics. The leather which is used at Sonnenleder kept its natural character. The traditional tanning art consists of keeping the character, changing as few as possible. In order to ensure this, Sonnenleder only uses leather that has been used during seven generations of experience with purely vegetable use and the production base in Germany.

Sonnenleder quality guarantees longevity of selected materials, handmade and by a unique patina on the leather surface.

The Philosophy

Sonnenleder makes it possible to experience the fascination of real, traditionally vegetable tanned leather. The versatile products embellish the everyday ensuring long enjoyment. It offers the advantages of real, natural leather, contrasting other materials. The company produces quality in an ecologic sense – contribution to a healthy and worthwhile future.

The Leather

Sonnenleder stands for beautiful, purely vegetal refinement: selected south German cowhide is tanned according to a traditional recipe. You will recognise real Sonnenleder at the fascinating colour and surface structures, at the touch and fragrant smell: every piece is unique.

Sonnenleder has a unique character as well as natural wood has it. The open porous surface counts what it experienced already and continues developing itself. Usage, sun and rain change the tone. A natural protection, the patina will emerge. The patina will close along the years. When it is closed it offers a uniform colour and resistance for the leather. The patina is, similar to ancient family silver and copper covered roofs, a prove for purity and the noble origin of the leather. It ensures the unmistakable appearance to your Sonnenleder football.

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