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Sonos, founded in 2002 in Santa Barbara, is a company that specialises in the production of Multiroom music systems. The systems can be controlled wireless via an app and ,this way plays music in every room of the house in a simple and uncomplicated way.


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Sonos Speakers: Enjoy Your Music in the Entire Home

In 2002, Sonos was founded by John MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen, and Trung Mai in Santa Barbara, California. The music lovers wanted to create a system which makes it possible to easily play music throughout the house. For this purpose they developed a product that combines hardware, software, industrial design, use friendliness and service in a simple package and is immediately ready for use.

The Sonos Sound System - Controllable via App

Since the times of LP and CD, the home music came a long way. By now there are digital music providers such as iTunes. And Internet radio stations and music services worldwide spring up with millions of titles. The idea behind the Sonos system is to transmit music wirelessly on the Sonos speakers in order to play music in any room of the house and control it from all devices via app. The Multiroom speakers such as the Sonos PLAY:1, the PLAY:3, the PLAY:5 as well as the network audio player or receiver Sonos CONNECT and CONNECT: AMP allow you to enjoy music to the fullest. The same song can listened to in every room or different songs in different rooms.

Sonos loudspeakers can be synchronised or work individually, you can play the music of your personal music collection or play music from the internet. Thanks to constant software updates, new features and music services will be added to the system. Sonos' vision is that one day all consumer electronics products will work this way.

Sonos products are available in more than 60 countries, in seven languages, as well as at thousands of retailers. Sonos is represented by offices in Santa Barbara, CA, Cambridge, MA., Hilversum (Netherlands) and Penang (Malaysia).

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The Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi System

The Sonos Wireless HiFi System delivers any song in the world to any room, with warm, rich sound, crystal clear at any volume. Sonos fills your home with music, combining hi-fi sound and highly reliable wireless functionality in an intelligent system that is easy to set up, control, and expand.