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Dutch company Spectrum, as it is known today, looks back onto a moving company history of closings and reopenings since its foundation in 1941.


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The Dutch company Spectrum, as it is known today, can look back on a turbulent company history, having closed and reopened since its foundation in 1941.

Nevertheless, under all circumstances, specific goals were always made clear: functionalist designs, furniture without unnecessary details, whose beauty was determined by a sophisticated and balanced form as well as proportions. In addition, Spectrum is characterised by the use of high-quality material and the desire to promote great design to a wider audience.

In today's Spectrum collection, the Designteam Studio Parade's paperback shelf system also features true-to-life classics. The latter include, without a doubt, the seating furniture by Martin Visser, such as the BR 02 Sofa Bed, which he designed at the end of the 1950s.

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