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The history of the brand Spring is a chronicle full of kitchen ideas. The company was founded in 1946, when the Spring brothers prescribed themselves to quality and innovation from day one.

The history of the brand Spring is a chronicle full of kitchen ideas. The company was founded in 1946, when the Spring brothers prescribed themselves to uncompromising quality and innovation from day one.

All along, the user – private and professional cooks that are dedicated to refined, cultivated and sophisticated culinary art – has always been the main focus. Over the years, the brand Spring has continued to develop products that made history for their ground-breaking innovation in cooking and tableware.

The product idea, which has to function from its production up to daily use, is the central value at the core of every product developed by Spring. Only when a product has passed the test by real kitchen professionals it is introduced to the market. The name Spring is associated with versatile ideas that continue to stand the test in many kitchens and on many tables until today.

Spring invented the fondue Bourguignonne already in 1953, making cooking at the table socially acceptable. After long tests and tries, this new form of preparing food gained popularity around the world. Until today, rechauds, caquelons for the various types of preparation and the matching cutlery are sold. Additionally, the wick-less safety burner was invented in 1955, a milestone for safe cooking at the table. Since 1963, the Spring rechaud has been exported and is now available in over 60 countries.

The advanced manufacturing processes of the company Spring also enable usage of new materials. In 1963, the double-coated material silinox (silver and stainless steel) and culinox (copper and stainless steel) were introduced to the production.

The Spring image prevailed worldwide, forming a good base for the start of a long-lasting cooperation with the American company All-Clad in 1980/81. The Spring family became licensee for manufacturing the ground-breaking, multi-layered material that would be used from then on to manufacture the Spring cookware. This represented great progress and novelty for every kitchen throughout Europe.

Spring soon discovered new technologies and began to use induction capable multi-layered material to manufacture its cookware series already in 1994 . Following the trend of mobile cooking spots, Spring began manufacturing induction cooking plates for professional usage in 2003. In 2004, Spring achieved a world novelty. Raclette 2+ was the first raclette grill with modular assembly for 2-10 people.

Spring continuously works on the developing tools for passionate cooks that guarantee good results over many years of usage in the kitchen. This includes the market introduction of the recoatable anti-adhesive frying pan Vulcano GLI.

To ensure the future of the brand Spring, the company All-Clad took over the management and the brand Spring in May 2002. Spring was integrated as All-Clad Switzerland into the Waterford-Wedgwood group located in Waterford, Ireland. After the parent company sold All-Clad USA in June 2004, the Eschlikon-based company remained in the Waterford-Wedgwood group under the name Spring Switzerland GmbH. This brand includes other great brands such as Rosenthal, Wedgwood and Waterford Crystal – all of which are sophisticated manufacturers of kitchenware and tableware.

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