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In traditional handicraft and contemporary, technical know-how, quality products for different categories of lighting technology arise in the workshops of the Steng Licht AG and its partners.

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History: Four generations of light

Enthusiasm for technology, fascination with electricity, and a profound interest in lighting prompted Carl Steng to found a specialist lighting company in 1911 -

at a time when homes and streets were still illuminated by gas.

Firmengruender Carl Steng His son, Hans, successfully led the business through the difficult post-war period and the era of the German economic miracle. In 1973, responsibility passed to the third generation of the family, to Peter Steng, grandson of the founder.

In the best tradition of "Swabian inventor," he became a protagonist of low volt technology.

The development of new systems and the penchant for sophisticated design led to a respectable collection of lamps which have been recognised with national and international awards over the years.

Firmengebaeude Cannstatt 1913
With the entry of Andreas Steng to the Executive Board in 1997 and the participation of the company in 2004, the fourth generation is now also active in the company. That tradition and progress do not contradict themselves, is evident by today's STENG LICHT AG - self-understanding facts, such as that STENG produces luminaires exclusively in Germany.

With high standards of quality and craftsmanship...

Steng Licht today

A team of approximately 30 employees in the areas of development, sales, marketing, production, and logistics in Stuttgart now all work under one roof.

Steng Licht products are sold worldwide, the main markets being Germany, the United States, Australia, Benelux, Scandinavia, and the Switzerland.

Peter und Andreas Steng A large part of Steng light products are “Design made by Steng,” which does not prevent us from collaborating with external designers all over the world. Successful examples include the Optimal series, designed and conceived by Ulirch Reichart from Austria; Lumo, designed by Serge Cornbellissen from Belgium; or Lightness and Lumelnnium, designed by Henk Stallinga from the Netherlands. Not to mention one of our classics: Sign. Design by Franz Weigand, Stuttgart.

Sign has, like many other Steng Licht products, remained in virtually unchanged form since 1988.

In recent decades, our products have been awarded numerous international awards. As a traditional family business, 90% is owned by Mr Peter Steng and 10% by Andreas Steng - a total of 100% of the company shares are still held by the Steng family. Traditional craftsmanship and expertise in traditional handicraft and contemporary, technical know-how can be found in the workshops at the Steng Licht AG and its partners and in the valuable products for various branches of lighting technology. High demands for functionality, material, and aesthetic forms the basis for the development and serial production of exclusive luminaire for universal applications in professionally-to-use projects or areas of private life and living.

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