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Stöckli is a Swiss company that amongst others produces products in the “cooking at the table” range. The company, which has a total of four business areas, manufactures high quality fondues, raclettes and other table grill appliances.


Stöckli - Chestnut Oven Stöckli - Chestnut Oven complete with wooden handles (EU) €119.90 *Stöckli - Swiss Twist Raclette and BBQ Tongs Set of 4 Stöckli - Swiss Twist Raclette and Tongs (set of 4), black €14.90 *Stöckli - Spirit insert for Paste burner Stöckli - Spirit insert for Paste burner €9.90 *Stöckli - Raclette Twinboard set Stöckli - Raclette Twinboard set, anthracite (EU) €189.90 *Stöckli - PizzaGrill FourFour Set Stöckli - PizzaGrill FourFour set (EU) €319.90 *Stöckli - Choco-Cheese Fondue Set Stöckli - Choco-Cheese Fondue set €59.90 *Stöckli - Avalon Electric Fondue Set Stöckli - Avalon fondue set, electric (EU) €199.90 *Stöckli - Fondue Fun set of 2 Stöckli - Fondue Fun (set of 2) €119.90 *Stöckli - for8 PizzaGrill Stöckli - PizzaGrill For8 (EU) €199.90 *Stöckli - Harmony fondue set Stöckli - Harmony fondue set €189.90 *Stöckli - Raclette spatulas (set of 2) Stöckli - Raclette spatulas (set of 2), black €9.80 *

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Stöckli is a Swiss company that amongst others produces products in the “cooking at the table” range. The company manufactures high quality fondues, raclettes and other table grill appliances, unified under the A. & J. Stöckli AG umbrella and has four business areas with a total of about 100 employees.

The household area develops products for cooking at the table, but also for other living areas and the garden. Rubbish and recycling containers for private use are developed in the disposal area. The company takes over the engineering and production of customer-specific shaped parts in the shaped part technology area. And Stöckli produces plastic norm containers, bottle crates, pallets and box-pallets in the packaging technology area.

The company’s history goes back to 1874. Alfred Stöckli began then manufacturing the first Stöckli articles with two journeymen in a workshop in Uznach: metal petrol lamps, spiritus burners, ashtrays and pot covers.

A continually growing company came about from the small business over time. The production was soon moved to Netstal due to the possibility of using hydropower. The cooking and serving dinnerware as well as decorative articles became known under the term “Stöckli-Kupfer” (Stöckli copper).

The product range later included humidifiers, fondue spiritus burners and raclette ovens. The company bought an injection moulding machine in 1956 to produce its first plastic articles. Among other things these are dustpans, sinks, packaging products and watering cans. Waste separation systems have also been produced in plastic since 1985 under the brand Müllex.

Stöckli fabricates housings and covers for the machinery and apparatus industry. In order to successfully hold its ground in the metal and plastics market the then management made a forward-looking decision: the company was divided into 2 companies at the start of 1997: the plastics company A & J Stöckli AG and the Stöckli Metall Ag. The A & J Stöckli AG is a modern company in plastics production and trading today.

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