Dyson Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

Wireless hoovering with a lightweight vacuum cleaner — it makes vacuuming fun! Power and comfort are the most important things for the technology and innovation company Dyson when it comes to the development of the vacuum cleaner. Dyson is continually working on longer performance times and energy efficiency for rechargeable vacuum cleaners. Each model exceeds its predecessor by a lot. Find your favourite model in the Connox design shop!

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Dyson - Handheld Vacuum Cleaner DC43H

Cleaning without Cables with a Dyson Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson rechargeable vacuum cleaners are able to work for between six and twenty minutes without being charged, depending on the model and suction power. A practical battery LED display lights up and informs you when only a minute of cleaning time is left. After use, the battery can easily be removed and recharged. Many of the Dyson rechargeable vacuum cleaners already have a high-quality lithium-ion battery that charges three times faster than other batteries. This is how Dyson vacuum cleaners guarantee maximum flexibility.

Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaners in the Design Shop

Find the suitable rechargeable vacuum cleaner for your home in the Connox interior design shop. An overview of your advantages:

Bagless thanks to Root Cyclone Technology

The Dyson Cyclone Technology was the first breakthrough in hoover technology since the invention of the hoover in 1901. Cyclone chambers replace the traditional vacuum cleaner bags. The outer cyclone swirls coarse dirt out while the inner cyclone accelerates the air even more. This is how even the finest dust particles can be absorbed. The Root Cyclone Technology used today is based on this principle. The air is led through a large cyclone and is spread to several smaller cyclones, since cyclones with smaller diameters create a stronger centrifugal force. This technology will let you benefit from consistently high suction performance and much-improved dust collection with a Dyson rechargeable vacuum cleaner. The container does not clog and can be emptied easily. You will furthermore spare costs and produce less waste because there is no bag. In addition, the filters of the Dyson vacuum cleaners are washable and have a long durability. By using this system, Dyson also developed special allergy vacuum cleaners, which are suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner DC34 — Dyson's Most Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

The digital motor of the Dyson DC34 is three times faster and more energy efficient than conventional vacuum cleaners. Its lightweight construction, the ergonomic design and wireless battery-performance are the reasons why the DC34 is a completely flexible vacuum cleaner. As usual for Dyson, the rechargeable vacuum cleaner DC34 also works with the Root Cyclone Technology and therefore doesn’t need any additional vacuum cleaner bags. Dirt and dust accumulate in the tank of the DC34 rechargeable vacuum cleaner. It can be emptied at the push of button.

The technology company uses resistant materials such as ABS plastic and polycarbonate for all of their vacuum cleaners for the longest possible durability. Practical accessories sets transform a hand-held vacuum cleaner into a flexible floor cleaner.

Do you want to buy a hand-held Dyson vacuum cleaner online? We will deliver your favourite cleaner within a few days to your home!