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The Finnish company develops indoor gardens which are particularly functional thanks to the active growing technology and simultaneously contemporary Nordic design. Self-watering and lit for indoor gardening.


Tregren - Genie Kitchen Garden Tregren - Genie Kitchen Garden, black €59.90 *

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Indoor garden for your home

The Finnish company Tregren concentrated on the development of indoor gardens in 2010, starting with the urbanisation and growing shortage of private green spaces. Window or indoor gardening is the magic word, with which Tregrem allows users to cultivate herbs, salad, fruit, and vegetables in their own kitchens, thanks to special plant pots.

Illuminated & self-watering planters

The Active Growing Technology is the secret to the company’s success in developing a practical and straightforward system for the domestic cultivation of herbs and vegetables. The system is based on hydroponics which reduces plant care to only about 15 minutes a month.

Plants are optimally supplied with water and nutrients via the Tregren system and important factors like air humidity, warmth, and light are regulated. The Active Growing Technology requires no soil and promises up to three times faster plant growth.

Minimalist design

The designers at Tregren also concentrate on the appearance of the plant pots as well as the functionality. The functional herb pots are characterised by a particularly minimalist design which makes the pots suitable for the kitchen and the windowsill or even the dining table.

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