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Designs by Tylko would like to reinvent the designer furniture industry and the buying experience by creating a connection between the customer and the designer and respond to the needs and wishes of the customers with the help of an app.


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Tylko shelves: individual for the living room and the office

Tylko is here to reinvent the designer furniture industry. The design studio acts self-confident and innovative and consists of a team of experienced and creative designers from various sectors that shares this goal. Tylko would like to make the people, or the customer the center and digitise the furniture industry to make its products available and customisable at all times. According to the motto “form follows function” Tylko strives to combine beauty with the practical, and to give the customers a pleasant buying experience.

Tylko is neither mass production nor standard, but a manufacturer who cares for the customer from the first second and establishes a connection with him and the designers. This process becomes possible thanks to the Mulit-platform app by Tylko with which the customers are able to customise the furniture, visualise them in their rooms and order them. This means that Tylko shows interest in every single customer and his wishes and is able to meet personal desires and needs. A product automation assembles the parts with precision, which are in the end completed by hand, to capture the essence of customised furniture design.

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