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Vitra - Eames plastic chairs

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To configure your Eames Plastic Chair

The Eames Plastic Chair from Vitra allows a variety of individual configurations. Combine any underframe with any colour of seat shell. In addition, you have the choice of choosing a padded version of the Vitra chair. Find your favorite combination! To the products

Tip: If your favorite is not listed, please contact our customer service who will be happy to help you with any questions or requests you may have.

1. Eames Chair underframes and seat shells
2. Seat shells: 14 colours
3. Upholstery: Full or seat upholstery in 28 fabrics
4. Glider: optionally for hard or carpet flooring
5. The Eames Plastic Chair for home office: PPSS
6. Solitaire: Eames Armchair DAL, RAR and LAR

1. Eames Chair underframes and seat shells

The classic underframe variants of the Eames Plastic Chairs for your dining table are the Wood Base , Rod Base and X-Base . Combine all underframes either with the side seat shell or with the armrest shell. The Eames Side Chair and the Eames Armchair, can also be combined to create a successful ensemble at your dining table.

DSW - Dining Height Side Chair Wood Base | DSR - Dining Height Side Chair Rod Base | DSX - Dining Height Side Chair X-Base | DAW - Dining Height Armchair Wood Base | DAR - Dining Height Armchair Rod Base | DAX - Dining Height Armchair X-Base

Each of the bases is available in different materials and colours.

DSW and DAW undercarriage:
02 yellowish maple | 95 dark maple | 30 black maple | 65 honey ash

DSR and DAR underframe:
01 bright chrome | 30 basic dark, powder coated

DSX and DAX underframe:
01 bright chrome | 30 basic dark, powder coated

2. Seat shells: 14 colours

The seat shells of the Eames Chair, which are screwed to the base frame, are made of recyclable, UV-resistant polypropylene.

The organic plastic seat shells are offered in a fine selection of 14 different colours. You have the choice between rather discreet, muted colours and signal colours. Each seat shell can be combined with each of the underframes.

Seat shells - colours:
04 white | 34 mustard | 42 green | 23 ice grey | 83 sea blue | 56 granite grey | 24 light grey | 12 deep black | 11 pebble | 48 forest | 43 rusty orange | 26 sunlight | 03 poppy red | 41 soft rosé

3. Upholstery: Full or seat upholstery in 35 fabrics

The Eames Plastic Chair is also available with full upholstery or upholstered seat. The fully upholstered version consists of a moulded polyurethane foam upholstery, which is covered with fabric and attached to the shell with a piping - optionally in black or white -. The seat cushion is screwed to the seat shell. Would you like your Vitra Eames Chair with upholstery? Please contact us!

The upholstery colours from the Hopsak fabric colour range can be freely combined with the respective seat shell and with all underframe variants.

Upholstery fabrics - Hopsak:
66 nero | 24 dark grey/nero | 05 dark grey | 75 dark blue/moor brown | 87 ivory/forest | 70 meadow green/forest | 69 meadow green/ivory | 71 yellow/lime green | 62 red/moor brown | 76 chestnut/moor brown | 80 warm grey/moor brown | 23 nero/ivory | 77 nero/forest | 86 mint/forest | 20 green/ivory | 85 mint/ivory | 68 pink/poppy red | 65 coral/poppy red | 63 red/poppy red | 96 red/cognac | 22 sea blue/dark grey | 82 ice blue/moor brown | 81 ice blue/ivory | 73 petrol/moor brown | 79 warm grey/ivory | 17 nude/ivory | 88 cognac/ivory | 67 poppy red/ivory | 74 dark blue/ivory | 25 sea blue/ivory | 83 blue/ivory | 84 blue/moor brown | 19 mustard/dark grey | 18 mustard/ivory | 16 yellow/ivory

4. Glider: optionally for hard or carpet flooring

Each chair is optionally available with felt glides for hard floors or with plastic glides for carpets . For both variants you have the choice between black and white gliders. Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

Vitra-felt glides-DSW-DAW-black-black

5. The Eames Plastic Chair also for your home office: PACC and PSCC

Combine the Eames Side Chair PSCC (Pivot Side Chair Cast Base on Castors) or the Eames Armchair PACC (Pivot Side Chair Cast Base on Castors) with the height-adjustable, swivelling base frame with comfort suspension, and you have a homely and comfortable office chair alternative for your home office area.

6. Solitaire: Eames Armchair DAL, RAR and LAR

The Armchair is also very good as a solitaire. Here the chair is also available with the underframes: DAL (Dining Height Armchair La Fonda Base), as rocking chair RAR (Rocking Armchair Rod Base) and as LAR (Lounge Height Armchair Rod Base). All three chairs also offer a wide range of possible combinations.