10 Euro voucher from 80 Euro November 2015

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Detailed information about the 10 Euro voucher from 80 Euro minimum order value for November 2015 at Connox.

Valid until: 30st November 2015
Voucher value: 10 Euro
Minimum order value: 80 Euro

Please note that out voucher codes are only valid with conditions to be considered. On one side, the different vouchers depend on a determinate minimum order value, on the other side there might be time limitations, which means that some vouchers might lose their validity at a specific date.

Please also note that you can only redeem one voucher at a time. It is not possible to use more than one voucher code or to use a voucher with other discounts. Each voucher is only redeemable once per customer. It is neither possible to get the value of the voucher paid cash.

Vouchers can generally only be redeemed with an order. A subsequent crediting of the voucher’s value to an invoice isn’t possible. Also, vouchers still count after a withdrawal has been returned, this means that if the conditions above have lost their validity (for example minimum order value), the voucher will lose its validity as well. The voucher can’t be published or used with other commercial purposes. The recourse of the courts is excluded.