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The philosophy of Weishäupl is quite simple: they want others to enjoy their moments of happiness and content as intensively as possible. To achieve this, the company makes use of an artisan tradition that follows only one aim: the best quality possible.

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Weishäupl - Balcony Chair Teak Weishäupl - Balcony Chair Teak from €275.00 *Weishäupl - Balcony Folding Table Weishäupl - Balcony Folding Table from €762.00 *Weishäupl - Umbrella Stand Concrete Base Weishäupl - Umbrella Stand Concrete Base from €154.00 *Weishäupl - Classic parasol Weishäupl - Classic parasol from €408.00 *Weishäupl - Balcony Chair Weishäupl - Balcony Chair from €225.00 *Weishäupl - Balcony Bistro Table Teak Weishäupl - Balcony Bistro Table Teak from €468.00 *Weishäupl - Pagoda Sunshade Weishäupl - Pagoda Sunshade from €635.00 *Weishäupl - Basic Sunshade Weishäupl - Basic Sunshade €675.00 *Weishäupl - Plants Island Weishäupl - Plants Island from €530.00 *Weishäupl - Cushion -31% Weishäupl - Cushion from RRP €85.00 €59.00 *Weishäupl - Ahoi Armchair Weishäupl - Ahoi Armchair from €298.00 *Weishäupl - Trio Bistro Table Round Weishäupl - Trio Bistro Table Round from €442.00 *Weishäupl - Trio Bistro Table Square Weishäupl - Trio Bistro Table Square from €442.00 *Weishäupl - Balcony Bistro table Weishäupl - Balcony Bistro table €458.00 *Weishäupl - Flip garden table Weishäupl - Flip garden table €2,540.00 *Weishäupl - Flip garden bench Weishäupl - Flip garden bench €1,338.00 *Weishäupl - Prato Belt sunlounger Weishäupl - Prato Belt sunlounger from €1,240.00 *Weishäupl - Cabin Deck Chair Weishäupl - Cabin Deck Chair €329.00 *Weishäupl - Chill Armchair Weishäupl - Chill Armchair €648.00 *Weishäupl - Chill Stool Weishäupl - Chill Stool €488.00 *Weishäupl - Cross Bench Weishäupl - Cross Bench €799.00 *Weishäupl - Cross Table Weishäupl - Cross Table €1,455.00 *Weishäupl - Cushion for Cross Bench Weishäupl - Cushion for Cross Bench €163.00 *Weishäupl - Prato Teak Table Weishäupl - Prato Teak Table from €1,230.00 *Weishäupl - Cantilever Umbrella Weishäupl - Cantilever Umbrella from €1,065.00 *Weishäupl - Parasol Stand for Hanging Parasol Weishäupl - Parasol Stand for Hanging Parasol €355.00 *Weishäupl - Ahoi Folding Table Weishäupl - Ahoi Folding Table from €1,098.00 *Weishäupl - Balcony Sunlounger Weishäupl - Balcony Sunlounger from €778.00 *Weishäupl - Newport Sun Lounger Weishäupl - Newport Sun Lounger €1,095.00 *Weishäupl - Cushions for the Newport Sun Lounger Weishäupl - Cushions for the Newport Sun Lounger €358.00 *Weishäupl - Trio Side Table round Weishäupl - Trio Side Table round from €386.00 *Weishäupl - Slope Chair Weishäupl - Slope Chair from €398.00 *Weishäupl - Slope Lounge Armchair Weishäupl - Slope Lounge Armchair from €524.00 *Weishäupl - Slope Table Square Weishäupl - Slope Table Square from €1,050.00 *Weishäupl - Beach Mat Weishäupl - Beach Mat from €149.00 *Weishäupl - Klick Parasol Weishäupl - Klick Parasol from €366.00 *

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First-hand quality.

It is a difficult thing to handle luck: It comes around quietly and surprising. Only for a short moment, maybe some hours, sometimes it only lasts a few seconds. An there are still instants we carry in our hearts forever. Such instants make our lives worth living.

The philosophy of Weishäupl is quite simple: they want others to enjoy their moments of happiness and content as intensively as possible. To achieve this, the company makes use of an artisan tradition that only knows one goal: the best quality possible.

Of course, Weishäuptl uses the achievements of the newest technology wherever it is appropriate. The specialty about Weishäuptl furniture is, however, something else: it arises from the focus on the detail and passion for power. Heart and hand can do things that machines never could: they give objects a soul that you can feel inside of every piece that leaves the Weishäuptl workshops.

Quality for the most beautiful moments…

About the company: technician and diploma engineer Oskar Weishäupl founded the Weishäupl workshops in 1969 in Stephanskirchen near Rosenheim. The traditional company manufactures exclusive garden furniture, sunshades and even kitchens for outdoor areas. Especially high quality materials such as teak wood, aluminium or stainless steel are used in the interplay of the most modern techniques and traditional handicraft. The results are excellent garden products with a long duration.

Fast by Weishäupl

Weishäupl distributes a series of exclusive aluminium furniture for inside and outside of the house with the Italian manufacturer Fast. Discover the furniture of the In_Out aluminium collection by Fast, including the famous Forest chair or the Aika armchair. Comfort and good design for inside and outside of the house.


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