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7 Must-Haves for a perfect start to the BBQ season

Modest design, easy use - The Table Grill by Eva SoloTime to start grilling! Even if the weather doesn’t understand your desires, Eastern is the latest moment to start grilling. A lot changed since the last summer regarding grills and BBQ accessories. Let us present the must-haves for you to be perfectly prepared when the BBQ season starts. And maybe there is something you’d like to offer at Easter in here.

1. Fir charcoal fans and camping enthusiasts: the table grill by LotusGrill

TheTischgrill von LotusGrill runs with charcoal and it promises greatest BBQ evenings. The innovative grill avoids fat from falling to the coal, because of the special construction of it. This is how it works without smoke being useful for the balcony or the campside. Moreover the meals can be prepared without or with only a little fat. Moreover you won’t need to blow inside of the coals or wait for the grill to be hot enough. It is ready to be used in only a few minutes and the temperature is adjustable with a regulating button. If the BBQ evening ended, the LotusGrill is easily cleaned – partly in the dishwasher. Luxurious grilling!

2. Made for part-time grill masters with design demands: the Notebook grill by Grilltech

Clap it open, place the grate on it, fire the coal, grill, have fun – this is how the Notebook grill by Grilltech works. It isn’t heavy ad it is therefore easily transported to the sea. The stainless steel material adds an elegant look to the grill and it raises the heat of it. If it is folded, it won’t need much space.

3. For balcony owners and in-between-grillers: the BBQ Bruce handling grill

“Bruce is the name of the new friend of every balcony owner. The handling grill is mounted in only an instant at the handling of the balcony or at the wall – perfectly made for small balconies. Bruce is a stylish accessory in every case! Please find out if it is allowed to grill on your balcony, before you choose to buy this one.

4. 60 cm luxurious grilling tongs: the Greta tongs by OZ-Goods

Greta by OZ-Goods is an extra-class BBQ tool and it was therefore honoured with the Red Dot design award in 2004. It has a length of 60 cm which is the reason why it is perfectly made to reach small grills or grills placed on the ground, without losing the sausages it holds. Each Greta is 100% made by hand out of the most precious beech wood. If you thing that 60 cm are too big, you are wrong: The points and sides of each tongs are elaborately ground to be adapted to each other ergonomically. The long tongs are usable without much effort because of the lever action. Every grill master is going to envy you for this unusual grill gadget!

5. For real whiskey fans: The Wood Smoking Chips

Have you ever eaten meat with whiskey aroma? Real BBQ masters will use the
Wood Smoking Chips von Jack Daniel’s this summer! Made out of ancient Whiskey barrels of the Jack Daniel’sTM distillery for incomparable taste. The heat of the charcoal increases the smoke of the Wood Smoking Chips embracing the meat and giving the unmistakable aroma of Jack Daniel’sTM Tennessee Whiskey.

6. For playful people: “Burn your money” by Donkey Products

For those of you that are bored of chimney lighters, you should use the „Burn your money“ BBQ lighter by Donkey Products for this year’s BBQ season. The lighters look like small coins rolls. They are made of paraffin and recycled newspapers and they’ll heat every fire. Don’t tell your friends about it and wait for their reactions – this is going to be fun!

7. More than a sausage and very easy: The Sliders roasting spits

The Sliders are very useful: Contrasting classic spits, these ones are made of two spikes. This is how they hold the meat safely to turn it without any problems. The practical plastic pushers finally move the meat and the vegetables to the plates without much effort – clean hands granted!
Eva Solo Table grill, whiteOur recommendations for you:Barbecue ProductsView now!
We can’t wait fort he BBQ season with these trend accessories fort he summer. We can’t wait for glowing charcoal in every corner and for the scent of spicy grilled meat and vegetables. Listen to laughter and conversations of people on balconies and in gardens while they are grilling together. This is the feeling of holidays in the middle of our daily routine…

Article from the 2015-03-31, of Anja Beckmann

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