Affordable design furniture: The five most effective ways

…save your money when you buy design furniture

Hay About a Chair collection chairsDesign furniture and accessories are considered tob e beautiful, precious – and very expensive. Of course, quality is expensive. But there are many possibilities of getting design furniture for less. Save your money – with only a few tricks!

1. Design furniture outlet: Look at the online outlet

If you surf through our online shop, you are usually covered by novelties. Thereby it might be very worthwhile to look at the so called B-goods. The things you can find in "outlet stores", “Warehouse Deals”, “returns” or “remaining stocks” at other online shops. B-goods aren’t really B-goods. In fashion shops there might only be jumble, but there might be some treasures in expensive rooms of design furniture. Affordable deisgn furnitureThis has a reason: If the customer pays a four-digit amount for a table, this one should be in a really good state. Such products are therefore mostly returned when there are small defects – understandably. Such a table ends up in the outlet. This is how every customer has the chance to buy high class design furniture for a low price.

2. Prepayment: Choose the right payment method

Choose your payment method carefully. Many shops offer the possibility of paying in advance – Connox offers a three percent discount if the customer pays in advance. What do three percent mean? If you buy design furniture, three percent are a lot. Test it!

3. Special offer newsletter: Catch the special offers

When you need something, there is no special offer including it. And if you don’t need it – or even – if you just bought it, someone reduced it. That’s annoying. Ask for a newsletter. Many shops offer a special offer newsletter, which will keep you up-to-date about current offers – just as we do. Each Tuesday we do send current offers to our customers. This is how they’ll know when exactly to buy something. A little bit of patience should be there as well, of course.

4. Club membership: Collect loyalty points

Shops are interested in winning customers as regular customers. Therefore they try it all – for them, of course. Bonus programmes, loyalty discounts, exclusive-advantages… Loyal customers and customers that buy often will profit from this. At Connox there are the Connox Points (available in the German online shop). Each time you buy something and if you rate the products you bought, you will collect valuable points: Per 1 euro of the price of the product you bought, you will receive one ConnoxPoint and each product you rate will add 100 ConnoxPoints to your account. These ones are credited to your future purchases.


5. Best-price guarantee: Compare prices

Sometimes it is worthwhile to compare prices, since many shops offer a price guarantee. If you see a product in a different shop, offered for less, we will offer the same product for the same price for sure. We grant the lowest price for every product we offer. Order the article. But please note that the offer with the lower price should be added to the notes field of the order in the shopping cart. This is checked by us and you will get the product for the lower price in your order confirmation. This is how you will easily get affordable design furniture!

Conclusion: To buy affordable furniture online – no problem

Right, for those of you who don’t want cheap copies, you might generally need to pay a bit more. Quality is expensive. With the price you are paying high class, often natural materials, carefully processed furniture and a manufacturer, who represents the high quality of its products. Consider it as an investment into furniture which will last for generations, which might be used by your grandchildren. If you are attentive, you will be able to buy furniture by Walter Knoll, Ray and Charles Eames for less. Online shops have special offers, price guarantees and loyalty bonuses. The right payment method will also be advantageous. Use all of these possibilities and save money when you buy real design classics and exclusive furniture.

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Article from the 2015-05-05, of Anja Beckmann

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