Barbecues for Every Taste: the Trends for the Barbecue Season 2016

Modest design, easy use - The Table Grill by Eva Solo As soon as the sunshine brings warmth, and the evenings become longer, the time has come - the annual barbecue season is at its peak! For the barbecue to be a success, in addition to delicious grilled food and good company, you must first make an important decision: the correct grilling equipment.

A rickety, rusted barbecue makes grilling not only unnecessarily complicated, it may even be a hazard and cause burns. But stability is not the only requirement for barbecues: For the convivial barbecue in the park or at the lake you could wish for a practical, mobile device, so as not to get worn out from the transportation alone. With the design, there are also various preparation preferences - the traditional charcoal barbecue has now got some competition from the Gas barbecue, and in recent years the indirect grilling method and hot smoking has made its way to gardens and balconies. Welcome variety and change! To help you find the right one for the upcoming barbecue season and for your personal taste, we will introduce you to a range of different barbecues.

Fire pit after the Barbecue Dancook - kettle grill 1600 Dancook mobile kettle grill 1300

Grilling with a Campfire Effect - Charcoal Creates a Cosy Atmosphere

Romantics will probably never want to do without the crackling and popping of the good old charcoal barbecue. That this pleasant atmosphere can also present itself in a modern way is proven with the Charcoal Grill from Eva Solo. The barrel grill made of stainless steel with its elegant design and smooth surface has become a true classic since it came to the market in 2004 and immediately reaped a handful of Design Awards. Many accessories like a stew lid and a grill brush turn barbecuing with Eva Solo into an overall stylish event The Charcoal Grill is intended for direct grilling and hot smoking. The 1600 Kettle Barbecue from Dancook has a classic round shape and can be easily cleaned thanks to the Teflon coating.

Grilling for the Impatient – Faster with a Gas Barbecue

A disadvantage of grilling with charcoal is the time it takes to heat up. The impatient should definitely take a closer look at the Gasgrill from Eva Solo. The burner from gas grills guarantee many variations of temperature and grilling options - so an excellent end result of meat, fish and vegetables is ensured. And if you don't want to grill, then place the lid on the grill - and voilà, the barbecue transforms itself into a fancy table.

But how does one grill with a gas barbecue? And why do we grill with a lid? When grilling with a gas barbecue there are two possibilities: direct or indirect grilling. When direct grilling, the food is cooked from below with high heat - like searing in a pan. With this method, meat such as steaks and chops is cooked quickly and is extra juicy. Depending on the length of time the meat is cooked, it can be served from rare to well-done - so to everybody's taste.

With indirect grilling, the food is cooked gently - like with the oven's fanned heat setting. For this option, a lid is required - so that the heat in the cooking chamber is evenly distributed. In order to prevent scorching, place the food to be grilled away from the grate so that it does not come directly into contact with the flames. This way you can perfectly prepare thicker pieces of meat or a roast.

Eva Solo - To go Grill black Plancha Griddle by Eva Solo Outdoor Kitchen from Röshults

Grilling like in the Wild West - Barbecue Smoking Creates an Authentic Smoky Taste

How does grilling with a smoker work? Barbecuing in a smoker means that the food is cooked or smoked in hot smoke - similar to the technique of conventional ovens. Smoking is either done with wood or coal fires and is the American barbecues' typical method of preparation. Originally, the smoker was developed from the technique of cooking pieces of meat at low temperature for several hours in an earth pit heated by embers. With Joe‘s Barbeque Smoker Grills you can get this authentic Western atmosphere at home - with its ventilation chimney and solid round steel body, the grill reminds us of the boiler from an old Wild West locomotive. Meats with high fat and connective tissue or bony pieces are ideal for a hot smoke barbecue - so great dishes such as stews and soups can also be prepared from pork, beef, lamb or poultry.

Barbecue on the Balcony - Balcony Railing Solution in Little Spaces

The barbecue may be so beautiful and practical, but at the end when the flames are extinguished, most equipment lying around gets in the way. Not with the Bruce Handrail Grill. It hangs on the balcony handrail and hardly takes any space whilst waiting for its next use. This barbecue is perfect for those who want to enjoy a small cosy outdoor balcony dinner with friends.

Barbecue to go – Easily Organise a Spontaneous Outdoor Barbecue with a Portable Barbecue

With small and handy devices, like the Tablegrill and the To go Grill from Eva Solo as well as the Fyrkat Picnic Charcoal Grill from Bodum you can also barbecue on the go and spontaneously. All three have practical handles and due to their small sizes, they are perfect for the balcony or to transport on a bicycle. Whether you are looking for a plain-elegant design like the Eva Solo or with flashy colors such as with the Fyrkat Grill - the three are great grills on the go or for balconies.

Bodum - Fyrkat Barbecue Accessory Set, black BBQ - Bruce Balcony-Handrail Grill, black Quirky - Sliders Barbecue Skewers

The Right Accessories for Grilling: Barbecue Tongs, Smoking Chips and Barbecue Skewers

With the right accessories, you will become a barbecue expert: the most important barbecue accessories are barbecue tongs and BBQ and stewing pan turners. As soon as the tip of a fork pierces meat, the juices come out and the meat loses its taste and consistency - therefore, when turning or serving meat, it’s advised to use tongs or a barbecue turner. Moreover, fish, kebabs and other vegetarian grill foods can easily fall off the fork. The barbecue and kitchen tongs from OZ-Goods made from beechwood is ideal for barbecues and suitable to serve from the Wok.

For vegetarian or vegan dishes, BBQ and pan turners are the right decision. Vegetables especially, can be easily turned and land safely where they belong: on the plate! With barbecue skewers, you don't have to limit yourself to meat dishes - you can also conjure up wonderful vegetable creations. For that extra bit of flavour, there are also Smoking Chips: these can be easily spread on the coal and give the food a wonderful woody smoky flavour.

For proper protection against the heat, look out for the BBQ Gloves and the BBQ Apron.

whiskey BBQ smoking chips (360 g package) by Cook in Wood Joe´s Barbeque Smoker - Little Joe grill OZ-Goods - Grill- and kitchen tongs Gretchen - beech wood, 30 cm

After Grilling: Dispose of the Charcoal and Clean the Grill Grate

Many wonder where they can dispose of the charcoal and how to clean the grill. Here are a few tips: Before disposing of the charcoal - in the residual waste, and never in the organic waste - it is imperative that you allow the ashes to cool first! Often there is confusion about what belongs in the residual waste and what belongs in the organic waste. To clarify: leftovers can, without hesitation, go in the organic waste. Whereas ash must, due to the high sulfur and iron content, be disposed of in conventional waste, for the sake of the environment.

Cleaning the barbecue after a cozy evening is probably not the favorite activity of barbecue-fans and lovers of outdoor dining - however it is still advised not to leave the scrubbing and scraping until just before your next barbecue. Wait until the grill has cooled down, and then it is best to place it in some grass or wrap it in some damp newspaper. The next morning, the moisture of the dew or the newspaper should have solved the first layer of dirt - so you will have an easier job brushing off the rest of the grime with the BBQ Metal Brush .

Another tip: Use the ashes as soap. When you dab a damp cloth or a brush into the ashes, the ash turns into a soapy mass - so cleaning does not involve any harmful chemicals.

With these barbecues, from small to large, and from gas to smoke, as well as with the wide range of barbecue accessories, your next barbecue will be at its best, even in a downpour or with cold weather - fire away!

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Article from the 2016-07-06, of Caren Schwenke

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