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10 reasons why Easter of 2015 will be a highlight

Lovingly designed wooden rabbitEaster is getting closer. The small ones can’t wait for the Easter-bunny, searching for colourful eggs and sweets. There are many pretty things for us there too: Design novelties and spring accessories for our homes will make our hearts beat faster during the anticipation of this Christian celebration. They show us: The winter has ended. These ten things will make Easter of 2015 a real highlight!

1. The wooden rabbit of Kay Bojesen Denmark

An exceptional animal of the collection of unproportioned, beautiful animals. He came at Easter and he stayed. He remains watchful when the others play wilder.”, was explained in the comments of the wooden rabbit. The small rabbit didn’t come alone, he is part of a big collection of wooden animals, designed by Kay Bojesen between 1935 and 1957. Yes, he came at Easter and he stayed – justifiably!

2. The Grass Vase by Normann Copenhagen

Grass introduces springtime in your home. Grass is made of clay and inspired by roadside ditches. The designers Karen Kjældgård-Larsen and Tine Broksø from Claydies thought that a ditch with wild flowers was a beautiful picture of Danish nature. Take Grass and place a simple dandelion, a thistle or different wild flowers in it – and enjoy that piece of original nature!

3. The Hoptimist Bunny Baby Bimble

The small rabbit by Hoptimist will increase your mood like its name already does. The happy Hoptimist-family of the 70s grew with an Easter member. The small spring between belly and head lets Bunny Baby Bimble hop all the time. It delights to watch it – children and adults will love it.

4. The Clack Standard Egg Cracker by Take2 Design

To head or to crack – that’s the discussion about how to open an egg – especially during Easter. At least until you meet the eggshell-breaking-and-perforating-device Clack. The noble item opens every soft or hardboiled egg tidily. It works like this: Place the cracker on the egg, pull the cracking sphere to the top and let it fall – Clack! The eggshell will have a ring-like perforation. “I have been waiting for a heavenly device like this for all my life…”, confessed David Z. in his comment. Bye bye harmed fingers and splitters!


5. The CO9 Mini by Fatboy

The CO9 Mini is the small brother of the CO9 lounge rabbit by Fatboy, a beanbag looking like a rabbit. The soft stonewashed fabric of cotton makes the cosy rabbit resistant and soft – greetings from the Easter-rabbit!

6. Die Unikko tablecloth by Marimekko

Designed in 1964, the famous flowers-pattern of Maija Isola is as fresh and new as ever. It will make every Easter table shine. Unikko means “poppy” in English. The tablecloth is able to catch the beauty of nature in a shiny, charming pattern.

7. The eggs holder of concrete by Korn Produkte

The classic eggs box made of concrete is a funny highlight for Easter – as special fruits bowl, as tray for mobile phones and other electric devices or very simple as decoration box. You will only recognize the real material of this box on the second sight.

8. The Origo Eggcup by Iittala

Even if you haven’t heard the name “Origo” before, those colourful stripes are surely familiar to you. The famous pattern by Alfredo Häberli is memorable – and charming as well. It was honoured several times with international awards like the iF Design Award 2002, the Excellent Swedish Design Award 2001 and the Japanese prize Zakka of the Year 2001. Suiting Eastertime, the Origo collection includes an eggcup. For a wonderful breakfast at Easter!

9. The Design with Light glass bowl by Holmegaard

We already love the bulky Design with Light glass bowl by Holmegaard since 2013. The noble accessory is also available in semi-transparent white since 2015. Fill the glass bowl with fresh flowers or make warm light with a candle through the milky glass in Eastertime. And maybe the Easter-rabbit will leave some Easter-eggs there for you. Such a noble Easter has been missing!
Rosendahl - Kay Bojesen Wooden RabbitOur recommendations for you:Gifts for EasterView now!

10. Urban insects hotel by Wildlife World

The growing temperature attracts insects in your garden. The Urban insects hotel was made for wild insects in big cities. The small chambers and slots inside offer enough space for beetles, butterflies and spiders in the summer and they are a home for them to overwinter and nest in the winter.
Welthungerhilfe Rabbit

A matter of love...

You want to make a special surprise to the ones you love at Easter? Nothing big, but something exceptional? Offer a donation to the German Agro Action Welthungerhilfe. The famous organization included an origami rabbit in the family.

You will support “green schools” and training programs for young “ecopreneurs” with the rabbit for 25 euros. Children will be sensitized for the unique ecosystem they live in in those schools. They will learn how important it is to protect the biodiversity and how important sustainable resources are.
We are proud of being able to support the projects of the Welthungerhilfe. Please support them to.

Article from the 2015-03-19, of Anja Beckmann

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