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Elegant design combined with impressive functionality provided by the Magic Grip Baking DishThe Magic Grip oven dish by Kahla doesn’t slip, scratch or clatter, they say. Is it really that comfortable to cook, bake and serve with it?We wanted to test it and asked three bloggers to do it for us, as we already did when we tested the doughnut pan from KitchenAid. Lena, Anne and Theresa were kind to test our oven dish from head to toes. Three meals we really want to present to you were the result – hearty and sweet.

Let’s start with the product. The oven dishes belong to the Magic Grip series by the German manufacturer Kahla. All of the products of this porcelain collection have a silicone base that keeps the dishes from slipping or clattering. Sensitive surfaces are saved that way. A kitchen towel isn’t necessary anymore when the hot dishes are held while the meal is served. It remains where it is. The rest of the food is simply covered with the practical porcelain lid. The traditional values and the high quality demand – “Made in Germany” – are the reason why Magic Grip dishes are ovenproof, dishwasher safe and microwave resistant. No wonder the series won the Red Dot Award

Provencal oven tomato

Lena from Ma Vie Est Délicieuse shortened the waiting time until her holidays in France in September with our oven dish. The intense aroma of Provencal dishes, the great assortment of vegetables and the cool refreshing rose wine symbolize summer and sun for Lena, as she wrote. She gave us a part of that feeling with the Provencal oven tomato. The dish passed the test: Magic Grip didn’t slip away, clatter or scratch the surface it stood on. The practical lid was even used to heat bread with goat’s cheese at a time. Tasty!
The receipt.


Rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice

Anne from Madidas Haus likes it sweet – and especially with rhubarb. She tested our Kahla oven dishes in order to prepare rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice. Cherries and ice took a bit of the acid out of the pie. The lid of the Magic Grip oven dishes was used by Anne as a plate. This is a great receipt, which suits the first summer days!
The receipt is here.


Ratatouille à la Rémy

Theresa from The.Waitress. takes us back to our childhood with her meal. She used our oven dish to prepare the (Disney famous) ratatouille and called it therefore “Ratatouille à la Rémy” as a lovingly detail. Rémy? That’s the small mouse of the Disney film, which enchants the heart of the unpleasant restaurant reviewer Ego with that traditional farmer’s meal – as well as it did obviously enchant Theresa’s heart. Her very personal ratatouille says it all. Instead of being fried in a pan, she baked it in the oven – with our Magic Grip oven dish. A beautiful idea!
Find the receipt in here.


You like the dishes? The receipts are on the according blogs, the Magic Grip oven dish and more products of the Magic Grip dishes series by Kahla are available in here. Have fun while you try to prepare the meals, while experimenting and tasting!

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Article from the 2015-06-11, of Anja Beckmann

Porcelain that stands still when everything is moving - Magic Grip Kitchen Collection by Kahla  

Porcelain that stands still when everything is moving - Magic Grip Kitchen Collection by Kahla

With the Magic Grip technology, Kahla presents an innovation that increases the functionality of porcelain in several ways. The integrated silicone foot ensures slip resistance, reduces noises and protects delicate surfaces from scratches. Magic Grip Kitchen includes porcelain items for cooking, baking and food preparation from the Five Senses and Update collections.

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