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The ethanol fireplace - the environmentally friendly alternative

A wood-burning stove is the classic for cosiness in the cold season. But few people can enjoy a warm fireplace. Often the plan fails because of the right ventilation: a chimney. An ethanol fireplace is a good alternative to a conventional fireplace. The deco fireplace requires no additional ventilation and burns without smoke development. This advantage makes itself the manufacturer Radius Design with its Uni fireplace to use. With the standing fireplace it concerns a kind of "glass fire". The flame is well protected behind glass panes, the ventilation is from above.

The ethanol fireplace in the Wohndesign-Shop - Your advantages

Economical and good for the environment

An ethanol fireplace burns ethanol, as the name suggests. The substance is put into a combustion chamber in liquid form or as a burning gel. Ethanol fireplaces are really economical. In most cases they consume less than half a litre of fuel per hour. Ethanol is a high percentage alcohol. In contrast to the combustion of fossil fuels such as wood or coal, no pollutants are produced. An ethanol fireplace produces only hydrogen and CO². The carbon dioxide emission is comparable to the breath of seven to eight people. For those of you who already have a fireplace but would like to run it on bioethanol, the Quadro Firebox from Conmoto is the right choice. The decorative fire serves as a freestanding fireplace indoors, but can also be placed in a fireplace thanks to the large fire tray.

Rapidly renewable fuels - therefore bioethanol

Not only the combustion of ethanol is environmentally friendly, but also its production. Bioethanol is produced exclusively from environmentally friendly materials such as wine or yeast. The ethanol is produced during the fermentation of grapes or hops and is then distilled. A new trend in the production of bio-alcohol is Chinese reed. This plant can be grown in rather uneconomical regions and also requires little care. The fireplace from Carl Mertens is just as uncomplicated as the extraction of the fuel. It can be used both as an open fireplace on the ground and as a table fireplace. Two stainless steel cylinders one above the other take over the function of burning logs. The cylinders have glass fibre wicks which suck the lamp oil from a small tank.

Rule number one: regular ventilation

An ethanol fireplace practically breathes with you. This means: It produces carbon and the air in the room is "used up" faster. Therefore, you should make sure to air the room thoroughly before and after use. Caution is advised at temperatures above 21 degrees. Ethanol can evaporate from this temperature and together with the air it can form a highly inflammable mixture. It is therefore important that you never leave ethanol bottles or cans of fuel paste open and wipe up spilled liquid directly.

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