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Designer Lighting - Give your Room some Atmosphere

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about furnishing? A beautiful couch, a dining table with chairs, a sideboard... lighting is often forgotten. Yet lamps play a great role in setting the mood. They make up a lot of a room’s atmosphere of the room: They give the room its soul. The interplay of light and shadow creates depth, makes a room lively or calm. Therefore: Take some time to think about which lamps to buy!

Buying lighting online – What to Consider before Buying

What is the purpose of the room? What effect should it have on you? These are the two main questions when buying lamps. A LED desk lamp is the ideal choice for a work space. LED lights have a bright and very clear light. That’s how you create an ideal working environment. Turn to a table lamp with a dimmer function or to one of our dimmable floor lamps or groundlights for a cozy atmosphere. Or look for design lamps with indirect lighting in our design shop. But keep in mind, that no matter which type of lighting you like: There are many possibilities open to you.

Spoilt for Choice: Shape, Material and color

Have you chosen the right type of lighting? Then now it comes to its design: Classic or modern? Fancy or rather simple? The days of simple wooden supports with shades made of textile or glass are over. Designers have found new and innovative materials: Concrete, paper, feathers and much more: There are no limits when it comes to a lamps design. An example: The body of the Eclisse Table Lamp by the manufacturer Artemide is made of lacquered metal. The special thing is that the open sphere of the Eclisse lamp can be turned and reveals the light bulb inside step by step. This way, you can decide on the intensity of the light. The manufacturer &tradition combines traditionalism with modern technology. The designers used to the design of a milking stool to create the Milk Table Lamp. The light is made of mouth-blown opal glass, the feet of untreated oak.

Lamps for the Bedroom, Kitchen or Living Room: The Demands Vary.

Different rooms require different types of lighting. It is important that the bathroom light has at least the safety class IP44. That way you avoid a short or an electric shock. Look out for a stable stand and a movable arm for desk lamps. That way you can adjust the light at any time for optimum lighting. Outdoor lighting becomes eco-friendly with a solar light – use the power of the sun!

Designer Lighting with LED: A Look into the Future

LED lighting divides people. Everyone agrees that they are good for the environment and your wallet but not everyone wants to get along with the original light bulb’s successor. LED lights have outshined light bulbs for a long time. They have a significantly longer life. Even light bulb supporters such as the designer Ingo Maurer have professed themselves to the green alternative. The My New Flame LED designed by Moritz Waldemeyer - created with the help of 128 small LEDs – creates the impression of real candlelight. You only recognize the ornamental circuit and light diodes which play the part of a candle if you look very closely – with no danger of fire. Are you curious now about the topic of LED lighting? Find out about it on our Home Design Blog. We have prepared some interesting facts for you in our post “LED - Light Diodes Revolutionize Lighting Design”.

Lighting in the Online Shop - Your Advantages at Connox:

Purchasing Consultancy at Connox

You want to buy a designer lamp online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We help you if you have any problems with your purchase, give recommendations and we can quickly clarify questions. Let us send you your favorite product to your home, comfortably within a few working days!

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