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The Lounge chair and Ottoman by Vitra

High class furniture for homes, offices and public rooms

Basic equipment, renovation or a fresh breeze - you will find the matching furniture for your home in the Connox interior design shop. Our curated assortment comprises quality furniture for all living areas: couch tables and chairs, chests of drawers, armchairs, tables, beds and umbrella stands. Not only for homes, but also for gardens, offices and public rooms. Connox represents exceptional quality: sustainable materials, high class processing and design to be part of the history of furniture.

Renowned Manufacturers and Internationally Famous Designers represent our Carefully Selected Products. Discover the awarded furniture pieces and collections that originated on big fairs of the world. Profit from the great selection and the timeless flexibility online. Surf through the show, whenever you want to. We are here for you!

Buy Furniture online at Connox – an Overview of your Advantages

Design Classics & Innovative New Products of more than 400 Manufacturers

The manufacturers Vitra, Knoll, Kartell, Fritz Hansen, Artek and many more appear in the home design shop – with them, unique design classics. Chairs like the Eames Plastic Chairs by Vitra enter private homes and public rooms in the 50s. The armchair Egg by Fritz Hansen was designed for the Royal hotel in Copenhagen in 1958 and it became a synonym for Danish furniture design all over the world. Our curated assortment includes different époques and international design styles.

The international design fairs are vitalized by manufacturers like Normann Copenhagen, Muuto, Hay, Fatboy, Skagerak, String and Jan Kurtz. Sustainable materials are more and more important hereby. Function, material and aesthetics melt together becoming a higher instance – design, which astonishes and which fulfils basic demands without compromising. Muuto, Hay and Normann Copenhagen concentrate on living when they produce furniture – couch tables, armchairs, umbrella stands, cushioned furniture, dining tables, sideboards and practical home accessories are their specialty. Outdoor and garden furniture are especially sophisticated made by Skagerak, Fermob and Fatboy. String concentrated on highly functional office furniture. All the manufacturers have an unmistakable style, given by internationally famous designers.

Buy furniture online – delivery times, withdrawal and reclamations

To deliver furniture often takes longer than to deliver home accessories. It isn’t possible to keep sofas and beds on stock all the time because of price and space reasons. This means that we order the piece of furniture you’d like to have from the manufacturer, who might only produce it in case of an order. According to the piece of furniture and the manufacturer it might take about two – ten to get the desired piece. Whether a piece of furniture is in stock as well as how long it will take to deliver it is always displaced on the product pages.

A piece of furniture might look different at home than on the pictures. This is the reason why we offer the possibility of returning the accessories or furniture you don’t like. The returning deadline ends after 4 weeks. You will get your money back in case of returning the goods you bought, of course. Since bigger furniture must be shipped via freight forwarding, the returning costs are different than with smaller parcels. Find further information about returning and withdrawing parcels in our help topics.

The Matching Furniture for Your Living Situation

Furniture – everyone knows them, everyone has them. But what really is the definition of “furniture”? And which furniture are suitable for which room? A small overview of the online furnishing house might help.

The concept ”furniture” is generally divisible in the product groups seats, tables, wardrobes and loungers. But also coat rails, room dividers, serving trolleys or acoustic panels belong to the big family of furniture. Each one of this furniture groups have numerous sub-categories.

Seats are mostly benches, barstools, office chairs, stools, armchairs, seat objects, sofas, chairs and cantilevers. Tables are dining tables, side tables, bistro tables, couch tables, standing tables, table trestles and desks.

A wardrobe can’t only be a simple wardrobe: Shelves, sideboards, chests of drawers and in the farthest sense even containers and other storage possibilities, they also count to the genre “furniture”. Loungers, beds and chaiselongues are also difficult to organise in to “one definitive” category, since a bed might also offer storage rooms and a chaiselongue might also be a chair. Defining furniture isn’t as easy as one might think.

From the Bauhaus style over postmodern design classics of the 60s and 70s up to contemporaneous furniture and interior design – a little organised and with a piece of design history you will find them all in the online shop.

What kind of Furniture suits which Room?

In the kitchen it is important to have practical furniture, it should be easy to clean. Wipable and robust surfaces make it easier to work and they don’t only ensure a bit more fun while cooking, but also while cleaning it afterwards.

The living room should be comfortable.
For those of you with children or animals: you might need robust furniture: Modern textiles out of composite fibre combine the advantages of synthetic textiles and natural fabrics today – they are cosy, breathable and still easy to be cleaned and robust.

In the bedroom there are some rules to be considered, similar as in the living room: comfort and relaxing is how it should be, But it is very important to use modular furniture, if there isn’t that much of space. Many design furniture pieces for the bedroom have some practical functions: The Pile bed by Müller Möbelwerkstätten is e.g. stackable and the Müller Möbel Plane bed has an included bedside table.

In the office, which is often included in the bedroom in smaller flats, has one thing to be thought at: practical furniture are needed here. Foldable secretaries such as the Flatbox are space saving and there are legendary design furniture pieces for desks, containers and shelves. The right furniture will make it easier to keep things tidy and organized.

The children’s room has practically the same furniture as adult’s bedrooms: numerous design classics are available in children’s size. From the Panton Chair to the Nobody chair by Hay. It shoud be robust, and the best thing is: High class design furniture fulfil the highest quality demands in every case: The Kuschel-Kaninchen von Fatboy is wipable, the Vitra Hang it All has safe, round forms.

Furniture and Accessories: The Mix is important

In the end we arrived at the Accessoires: They might suit the furniture, in modern style for example: reduced and clear. Or the furniture pieces in your home contrast the accessories surrounding them: antique furniture and modern candleholders or furniture in straight lines of Scandinavian design tradition combined with DIY-accessories might appear to be exciting eye-catchers. This is the same with plants, which also enable different combinations with different furniture.

All Furniture Pieces with one Click in the Online Shop

Here you can see all the furniture types, comfortably in the online shop: from the couch table over the dining table up to the desk, from the sideboard to the sofa, from the wardrobe to the bed. And the suitable accessories, such as candleholders, cushions, chairs, graphic designs and other decoration ideas are also organised and viewable with one glimpse. Order affordably in the online shop.

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