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Outdoor: Furniture & Lighting to Create Your Own Garden Paradise

As soon as the days get longer and the nights become milder, we are drawn outdoor. The living area is extended a little more outside with every sunny day. Who doesn’t love fresh air and the gentle warmth of the first sun rays? Balcony, patio and garden become an important part of our life. We have put a lot of thought into high-quality furniture and decor for your garden and have provided a comprehensive range of products for you.

Create your Airy Room

We have a wide selection of outdoor furniture and accessories for a homely garden design. Our outdoor garden furniture includes sun loungers, outdoor lounge furniture, garden chairs and tables as well as hammocks. You will also find barbecues & fire pits, outdoor cushions & blankets, doormats and sun protection.

We don’t only have lots of ideas for you for your balcony and patio, but also for the outdoor area. You can find mailboxes, weather stations, thermometers and much more here. We equip your outdoor area with outdoor technology: Outdoor lighting through wireless speakers up to mobile phones. Connox also provides practical help for gardening with watering cans, plant pots and garden equipment in many different designs and models.

Outdoor Leisure Activities

We have also thought about leisure activities and have suitable equipment for sporty or leisurely hours in the open air for every season. You can find sledges and umbrellas, with picnic blankets and baskets and finally bike accessories; all the necessary things you want for your outside activities.

The Face of your Home - What to Keep in Mind when Buying Outdoor Furniture & Lighting:

1. Design & Style
2. Design Brands
3. Planning
4. Material & Colours
5. Care
6. Price
7. Use & Requirements

1. Inspiration with Style

You will find award-winning, high-quality designer outdoor furniture and accessories at Connox. The outdoor furniture from different designers who represent various design eras: From classic through modern to retro up to Scandinavian design. You are the designer of your garden world: Let us provide ideas, inspiration and the building modules and materials for your little paradise. You can transform your garden into a cozy oasis with a fireplace, comfortable sitting area and an hammock. The right outdoor furniture in combination with dimmed outdoor lighting can also transform your garden into a casual lounge.

2. The Outdoor Artist

The brands Fatboy, Skagerak and Eva Solo are at Connox as well as many other brands. The prize-winning bean bags by Fatboy have written design history and changes, in combination with many other design pieces, your garden into a lounge. The manufacturer Skagerak stands for high-quality material garden furniture, chairs, tables and accessories. Nordic cool meets Mediterranean temperament and turns even the smallest balcony into a oasis of relaxation. Eva Solo produces highly awarded design and has collections for grill products, wine products, bath and kitchen.

3. Planning your Garden World

You should consider a few basics as the cornerstone for your plans so that your outdoor design can take the right shape. Outdoor furniture faces greater requirements than indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture has to withstand wind and weather and pollution. So your outdoor furniture has to be good quality and have tested material. The next consideration is the amount of room available which should be measured in advance.

The Vendia Table by Skagerak is for example made with quality materials and manufacturing and there is enough room for it even on the smallest city balcony. How much comfort do you want? How high are the requirements for the robustness of your outdoor furniture? How much money would you like to spend on your outdoor furniture? As soon as these questions have been answered your outdoor dreams can take shape.

4. Materials & Colors for Outdoor Furniture

As soon as you have resolved the questions about the individual requirements you can decide on the material for your outdoor furniture. The most popular material for outdoor furniture is still wood. Tropical wood compared to native wood has the advantage that it is naturally impregnated so is protected against environmental influences such as weather, sunshine, cold and wet. Native wood has to be treated. Plastics such as polyethylene which can withstand all weather conditions and are are a good alternative to wood. A typical representative of teak outdoor furniture is for example the Riviera Lounge by Skagerak. Its Scandinavian design with grids is completely made of teak. Teak is a tropical wood with an especially high resistance to weather.

5. Care: Longevity of Your Outdoor Oasis!

Some things have to be considered before making a choice so that your outdoor world lasts many years, withstands every weather and invites you to relax and celebrate in the coming summers. The choices of material for your outdoor furnishings mean different levels of care. Teak needs less care than native woods, while polyethylene withstands all weathers. The patio wood decking has to be cared for differently every year according to the type of wood, caring for stone slabs is less work.

6. Price: Your Wallet Has a Say

Every garden deserves nice furniture. So we have garden worlds for every wallet. Connox has solid basics at reasonable prices, just as outdoor garden furniture in the medium price range. Fiam for example has a large selection of outdoor products and the Palissade Collection by Hay can be put together to your personal taste. But the very good pieces in the highest price segment as for example the outdoor products by Skagerak are also represented here.

You can find the right outdoor furnishings and perfectly combine different designer pieces from different manufacturers at Connox: From the small outdoor area of the city balcony through the cozy small garden of the terraced house up to the park-like country house garden or the meadow in front of the old house. The price remains reasonable.

7. Outdoor Furniture: Pay Attention to Details

The Connox outdoor furnishings have high demands for functionality. Our designers have considered this when developing their design pieces. The balcony boxes have holes to drain water, the LED outdoor lighting saves energy and thus your costs. The outdoor furniture has rests you can fold away and foot parts you can fold up. Chairs have adjustable heights and the large seating arrangement for garden chairs can be stacked so that it is easy to tidy them away.

Outdoor Furniture from Connox: Your Benefits

Shopping Advice at Connox

You would like to buy outdoor furniture & lighting online but would like some support? Feel free to contact our customer care at any time. We are by your side with advice and help, make recommendations and can quickly answer questions.

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