Delivery to Germany

Shipping costs for Germany

We deliver standard parcels free of shipping costs from a minimum order value of 50 € in Germany. The standard amount to be paid for parcels of a lower order value is 3.95 €.

Versandkosten für Deutschland

The costs for shipping depend on the weight and the size of the parcel. Easy and comfortable: The shipping costs are automatically displayed in your shopping cart.

Delivery to packing stations

What is a packing station?

A packing station is a parcel machine from DHL. You have the option to receive your parcels at one of these machines, e.g. if you are rarely at home. The package stations are open 24 hours so that you can also collect your packages in the middle of the night, when conventional post offices are closed. Please note that a package station can only receive packages up to a certain size.

How can I receive packages at packing stations?

Initially you will have to register in the DHL web page. If you haven’t already done that, please click here.

1. During the ordering process in our Online Shop, select that the delivery address differs from the invoice address.
2. Check the box “send to a DHL packing station” in the form field
3. Type in the relevant packing station information such as name and surname, post number, packing station number, etc.
4. Confirm by pressing “continue”

How do I find a packing station in my vicinity?

If you don’t know where there is a packing station in your vicinity, you can find it on the DHL homepage.

Dispatch partners and delivery times

We deliver standard parcels via DHL, big parcels are shipped via freight forwarding. You will have the possibility to select DHL express for a faster delivery, as well as our premium freight forwarding.


DHL Standard

  • Normally parcels arrive in 1-2 working days in Germany and Austria.
  • Parcels usually arrive 3-5 days after they have been ordered in the rest of Europe (further information about the DHL delivery times are available here).
  • Follow your parcel via DHL Tracking.
  • Delivery is insured (if the value of goods doesn’t exceed 500 €).

DHL Express

DHL Express

  • We deliver via DHL Express for 25.00 € extra charge. This option is bookable for nearly every product and it is displayed in the shopping cart.
  • The parcel will arrive the next day: guaranteed.
  • Follow your parcel via DHL Tracking.
  • Delivery is insured (if the value of goods doesn’t exceed 2,500 €).


DHL Courier

  • For an extra charge of 7.90 € we can deliver your parcel via DHL courier at a specific time. This option is possible for nearly all of our products and will be shown in the shopping cart.
  • Delivery is free within Germany when the value of your order exceeds 100,- €.
  • It takes about 1 day to receive the ordered goods within Germany
  • Useful for working people: it is possible to have ordered goods delivered after work in one of the two following time slots: between 6 and 8 pm or between 8 and 10 pm.
  • Parcel tracking per DHL Tracking
  • Delivery is insured (up to a value of 500 €)
  • Only certain postal codes can be delivered to. You can find out if your address is included at DHL (only bookable on the German DHL homepage).

Spedition StandardStandard

  • If your order 50 € or more, the shipping will be free of charge. If the goods you ordered cost less than 50 €, the shipping will cost 19.90 €.
  • The parcels will generally arrive in 2-3 working days within Germany.
  • The rest of Europe will take 1-2 weeks.
  • The delivery date will be scheduled via telephone: You will be called by the forwarding company to choose a date.
  • Curbside delivery: The items are delivered curbside to the address specified on your invoice.The customer is responsible for taking the item into his home and disposing of the packing and pallet himself.

Spedition PremiumPremium

  • Only in Germany.
  • Costs: 39.90 €.
  • The premium freight forwarding parcels are only given to the freigh forwarding company on Wednesdays.
  • The parcel normally arrives in 5-8 working days.
  • The delivery date will be accorded via telephone: You will be called by the forwarding company to choose a date.
  • Delivery “free at place”: Transported to the place the customer wishes and disposal of packaging waste and pallet by the forwarding company.
Our delivery times

All the orders of in stock items - marked „In stock“- are delivered in 24 hours.

Warehouse Income Time

If an item isn’t in stock, the expected income time will be displayed under the prize next to the item. We cannot influence that period of time, since the manufacturer gives us the information. If there are delays, we will inform you as well, of course.

Processing Period

If you order before 15 p.m., we will send the products immediately, if they are ins stock and if they can be shipped via DHL. The parcel will get to you on the next day in general terms, if you live in Germany.
Products that aren’t available directly, will have an expected delivery time marked under the price in the shop. As soon as you ordered the goods, you will be informed about the expected delivery date via E-Mail.

Delivery Times

The expected delivery time is 1-2 days for products shipped via DHL to destinations inside of Germany or Austria. The delivery takes longer for freight forwarding parcels. We cannot influence the transport duration, since the postal company is an outsourced one for us.

Shipment Tracking

You will get a tracking code in otder to follow your parcel. Please insert the code in the according field of the DHL-tracking page and get current information about the delivery.



In the delivery of many devices, are batteries, that serve for example to the business of remote controls, clocks etc. Also in the devices themselves, batteries or rechargeable batteries can be incorporated firmly. In connection with the sales and marketing of these batteries or rechargeable batteries, Connox is obligated in accordance with battery ordinance to refer consumer to the following:
Batteries and rechargeable batteries do not belong into the household waste and does not dispose on this way. Since 1998 the battery ordinance has obligated to this, consumed batteries and rechargeable batteries exclusively over the trade or the collecting places established specially for that.
You can send batteries back to us sufficiently stamped or bring them to our stock at the following address:
Connox GmbH
Münchner Straße 40 (Gebäude E),
30855 Langenhagen

Our retake obligation is exceptionally limited to those batteries, that you received by us as additional accessories while purchasing a product of our assortment.
Batteries are occupied with the symbol of the "slashed trashcan" – similarly the follows below. Batteries with more than 0,0005 mass percentage quicksilver, more than 0.002 mass percentage cadmium or more than 0.004 mass percentage lead, there is the denomination of every used element under the displayed dustbin on every battery – “Cd” stands for cadmium”, “Pb” for lead and “Hg” for quicksilver.

Kennzeichnung von Batterien
Suggestions for lithium batteries / accumulators:
By sending back lithium batteries or accumulators, we kindly ask you to insulate the + and – marked contact surfaces of the batteries with e. g. tape, in order to avoid every possible inflammation risk.

Old Devices, Electronic Scrap

After the electro and electronics device law (ElektroG), old devices are disposed as of March 2006 no longer in the household waste. The regulation regards to all electronic and electric devices, no matter how old these are. Also lamps, fluorescent tubes and energy-efficient lamp belong to it. These devices are recognizable at the symbol of a slashed trashcan" – similar the image above. The symbol is on the devices or the packaging.
The devices are returned free of cost for example of cities and communities. The withdrawal resulted at collecting places or they even offer a collection. Normally existing collection systems (for example reusable material yards) are used.

What happens if a lamp breaks?

Compact fluorescent lamps, fluorescent tubes and halogen metal steam lamps have a minimum of quicksilver. However, if the lamps are used averagely, they won’t harm. If such a lamp breaks, please keep in mind the following steps:
• Separate the lamp from its energy supply.
• Avoid skin contact and ventilate the room for 20-30 minutes.
• Wear one-use gloves to remove the broken glass pieces. Remove all broken pieces you see, if possible by means of sweeping. Use a humid one-use cloth in order to remove small pieces and dust. Use a vacuum cleaner at carpets and remove the vacuum bag afterwards.
• Collect the glass pieces and lamp rests in a closable container (e.g. screw cap glass or plastic bag).
• Remove the closed container at a nearby waste disposal.

• Change the illuminant only when it has completely cooled down.
• Only touch the illuminant at its socket, but not at the glass.
• Please only take new lamps out of the package when you are up to mount it.
• Keep the illuminant safe until its further usage or disposal in a safe container or its according package.

To see the PDFs, you need the Adobe Reader e. g., this one can be downloaded under the following link:

Packaging Ordinance

According to the regulation of the packaging ordinance, Connox is obliged to dispose all the packaging of products that don’t carry the symbol of the extensive disposal (e.g. „green point of Germany), to take them back and to ensure the recycling or the disposal.

Please contact Connox if there are many questions about such packaging:
Connox GmbH
Aegidientorplatz 2a
30159 Hanover

Telephone: 0049 (0)511 300341-0
Fax: 0049 (0)511 300341-99

Connox will then suggest a communal collection place or a disposal company near you, which will accept the packaging for free. If this isn’t possible, the customer also has the possibility of sending the packaging back to Connox for free:
Connox GmbH
Münchner Straße 40 (Gebäude E)
30855 Langenhagen

The packaging will be reused by Connox or accordingly disposed.
Find further information and the current packaging ordinance to be downloaded on the homepage of the Federal ministry for economy, nature protection and reactor safety. (German page)

Are there still some questions?

If you have any questions about delivery times or costs, please write an E-Mail to our customer service or call the customer service number 0049 (0)511 300341-0 in order to find out more.