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Connox – living trends, inspiration and the latest design for your home

Welcome to Connox, your online shop for interior design. This is where you can find what you've been dreaming of, even if you're not sure what that is yet. Be the first to find out what's new. Feel safe, because you know your privacy is protected. Feel cared for, because you know the team behind Connox is there for you. Get that feeling... the one where you're waiting for a special parcel to arrive. The feeling of finding the perfect spot for your new treasures. The warm glow when guests compliment your home design. Feeling a bit like you're in a new home. That small flush of happiness every time you see your new accessory. This is what we want to give you, that’s what we work for day by day.

Find your very personal design favourite in our interior design shop. Designers from all over the world create exceptional products every day. We search for the world's best designs for you. Home accessories and furniture that transform a whole room. Individual. With a story. With a name. Find tens of thousands of these unique products at Connox – award-winning designer pieces, designer classics and new pieces from promising newcomers. We and more than 400 renowned manufacturers put our names to the quality and origin of our products. Find out more about our company, the shop and the Connox team.

Feel welcome in the wonderful world of home design!

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