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Magisso - Self-cooling Wine Cooler Magisso - Self Cooling Wine Cooler, black €60.00 * 3 von 5Magisso - Self Cooling Carafe 1l Magisso - Self Cooling Carafe 1l €50.00 * 4 von 5Magisso - Cool-ID Tumbler Set of 2 Magisso - Cool-ID Mugs (set of 2) €39.00 *Magisso - Self Cooling Ice Bucket Magisso - Self Cooling Ice Bucket with tongs, black €70.00 *Magisso - Self Cooling Serving Plate Magisso - Self Cooling Serving Plate, large €36.00 *Magisso - Self Cooling Carafe 0.75 l Magisso - Self Cooling Carafe 0.75 l €50.00 *Magisso - Self Cooling Salad Bowl Magisso - Salad Bowl no.29 €70.00 *Magisso - Self Cooling Serving Plate Magisso - Self Cooling Serving Plate, small €23.00 *Magisso - Self-cooling Serving Bowl Magisso - Fruit Bowl no.19 €40.00 *Magisso - Cool ID Glass set of 2 Magisso - Cool-ID Water Glass (set of 2) €39.00 *

The ceramics of the Self Cooling Collection by Magisso convince with a self-cooling function and modern appearance. The collection includes different, black ceramics by Simon Stevens. Natural cooling systems for drinks and meals.

Self-cooling function

Simply hold the dishes under cold water for a minute and the ceramics – glasses, bowls or cups – will remain cold for up to four hours. With a temperature, 40% lower than the surrounding, the Magisso ceramics will cool their content. A refreshing bier, ice-cream or a crunchy salad will remain cold for a while inside of the self-cooling bowls and glasses of the collection. Bigger cool-boxes or ice-cubes that water the drinks, can remain in the (ice-)box.

Easily labelled

All the dishes of the collection are easily individualized with chalk, since they are made of black ceramics. Dips, sauces, salad or deinks – simply write on them what’s inside.

White letters on a black background do look noble and are practical. Names, charming phrases or small motives will ornament the dishes. This is practical for BBQ parties, birthdays and other events.

Awarded design

The Cool-ID mugs were honoured with the Red Dot Award in 2013 – this one is a renowned design award. The convincing function and special appearance was deciding for the jury, who honoured the mugs by Simon Stevens with the seal of approval.

Self Cooling Ceramics Collection by Magisso  

Self Cooling Ceramics Collection by Magisso

The self cooling ceramics by Magisso with their elegant appearance are presented in the everyday life. The practical dish for every day simply needs to be soaked with cold water - then, the vessels cool reliably for several hours. Perfect for the summer, barbecues, parties and other occasions.