One Eighty - Lamp Series

Filter - One Eighty: One Eighty Wall Lamp - One Eighty Wall, brushed aluminium, small €300.00 * - One Eighty Ceiling Lamp - One Eighty Ceiling -brushed aluminium, small €300.00 * - One Eighty Suspension - One Eighty Suspension, brushed aluminium (small) €330.00 * - One Eighty Suspension - One Eighty Pendant, white aluminium (small) €330.00 *

The hinge at the neck of its shade is a particularly charming feature of this luminaire. This innovative mechanism enables the wall and ceiling luminaires to be tilted 90 degrees on both sides, as well as rotated 360 degrees.

The shade is available in neutral brushed aluminum or - in contrast to the shiny metal look- lacquered white or black.

The entire range features screw sockets, making One Eighty suitable for a variety of illuminants - for example classic, reflector, high-voltage halogen, and energy-saving fluorescent tubes.

One Eighty comes in two sizes and as a suspended luminaire boasting a height-adjustable version. In addition all the luminaires are available as a contact rail version.

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