Reef - Lamp Series - Reef Ceiling Lamp - Reef Ceiling Lamp, matt €205.00 * - Reef Wall lamp - Reef Wall Lamp, matt €260.00 * - Reef Single Pendant Lamp - Reef Single Suspension, matt €240.00 * - Reef Table Lamp -31% - Reef Table Lamp, brushed aluminium RRP €330.00 €228.00 * - Reef Table Lamp - Reef Table Lamp, chromed aluminium €420.00 *

The unmistakable character of this luminaire family is attributable to the material used: ceramic foam.

Not only is it extremely attractive to look at, but thanks to its porous structure it boasts notable lighting qualities: Illuminated, the shade shimmers in soft, atmospheric light, which diffuses gently into the room.

From the opening in the shade, on the other hand, the light shines brightly and over a wide area, though glare-free.

The luminaires in the Reef family can be used to illuminate both an entire room indirectly via the ceiling, as well as individual areas such s a table top.

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