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It was from the beginning the aim of the Danish company Verpan to produce lamps and furniture in accordance with the original principles of Verner Panton: to create a synthesis between quality and originality.


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A contemporary breath of classic design

A classic is a classic because it has an eternally fresh design.

The Danish company Verpan which belongs to the Frandsen Group produces many design classics by Verner Panton according to that motto today. The Verner Panton design language is still considered exceptional, exciting and modern.

Panton as one of the real rebels and pioneers in the world of light and furniture design has long become an icon. Devoted and true to his visions and his own ideas Panton’s creative designs shocked then and even today still astonish people. Bringing an “original” Panton object into your home means transforming your rooms.

Verpan has produced the famous lamps by Verner Panton with great care in regard to quality and originality for many years now: in order to create lamps that also brighten rooms when they are switched off. It was from the beginning the aim of the Danish company to produce lamps in accordance with the original principles of Verner Panton. This aim was made possible, above all through the close and inspiring collaboration with the deceased designer’s widow Marianne Panton and her family.

It all began at Verpan with the “Fun Lamp” from 1964: more than a simple light source and exceptionally versatile. Its light bell sounds are similar to distant chimes and simultaneously create a moving sense of calm. Verpan manager Peter Frandsen himself has the “Fun Lamp” hanging in his house, which with its numerous mother of pearl elements allegedly became the favourite toy of his then still young son Gustav.

Verpan, not long after its successful start with the classic Panton lamps, expanded its product range with a new collection of furniture and carpets from the Verner Panton archive.

“It is incredible to experience how these old, visionary designs still vitalise a room and immediately upgrade a surrounding today”, according to the Verpan manager Peter Frandsen. “That is exactly what it is about for us: Modernising and enriching rooms, places, people and experiences. This is the reason why Verpan doesn’t only produce the most beautiful Verner Panton products, but is also known for exquisite service and a love of detail.”

Verner PantonVerner Panton

All the products are provided with engraved writing by the designer in order to prove the genuineness and authenticity of them.

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