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Wall clocks are decorative wall accessory

Buying exceptional wall clocks

A wall clock isn’t only the object telling us the exact time. It is a design object and a decorative wall accessory. There is a suitable wall clock for every room – classic or modern, analogue or digital, round or angular. Be inspired by our ideas and discover exceptional wall clocks in the home design shop!

Modern wall clocks for every home

The annoying ticking sound of clocks isn’t really wanted by anyone in the bedroom. Wall clocks that display the passing time noiselessly are welcomed in every home. The Leff amsterdam Tone35 Wall Clock is exactly the right piece for the bedroom. It lets the seconds pass quietly, without ticking sound. Moreover it is an elegant home accessory at the wall.

The appearance of wall clocks is very important in living rooms. The design clocks by George Nelson are completely right in such rooms. Nelson cooperates with vitra since 1957. Some design classics emerged during that cooperation. The table and wall clocks by George Nelson are characterized by the renouncement of numbers on the dials. Since according to the designer, the owner of a clock doesn’t concentrate on the numbers when he wants to know the time, but on the position of the pointers. That’s the reason why many wall clocks by Nelson convince with their exceptional appearance and twelve distinctive dots, like the Ball Clock, for example.

Simple design clocks are popular to be used in the kitchen. A kitchen clock has many functions: It looks great on one side, and it is a very functional home accessory. It tells us how late it is and helps us to cook and bake. While we have our breakfast it is the object we fugitively look at, in order to get to work in time. Clocks that display the date, the day of the week and the room temperature are especially practical.

Children’s rooms have no special demands on wall clocks – everything is allowed in there – it only must be colourful and happy. Therefore we suggest the KidsWorld wall clock by KooKoo. A cat releases her miau at 7 o’clock, a sheep bleats at 9 and a pig grunts at noon. The original voice of an animal is heard at every full hour, having been recorded in nature. The animal motives on the wall clock perfectly suit each child’s room and help children to learn the time on a playful way. The nightly quietness is granted by an installed light sensor, which automatically switches the clock off when it gets dark.

Design wall clocks made of plastic, wood or metal

There are different wall clocks for every event and taste: Whether made of wood, plastic or metal, with retro-style or awarded – wall clocks add an individual hint to every place. The manufacturer Applicata concentrated on reduced design and natural appearance. The Watch:Out wall clock is made out of a disc of oak wood – the natural grain of the wood transmits warmth and it lets the naturalness of the clock be recognizable. A round disc, twelve gaps in the wood and two pointers – it doesn’t need more to display the functions of a clock.

Wood and metal aren’t completely new materials, but the result of a designer’s work makes the difference. Versatile materials and sculptural shapes are the reason why George Nelson’s clocks he made for Vitra embody the lifestyle of the 50s. His clocks are still a refreshing alternative to common time messengers. His Asterisk wall clock for Vitra is made of thick black metal stripes and a succeeded example for simple design. The graphic design makes the clock refreshingly weightless and reduces it to the essence.

Wall clocks in the home design shop – an overview of your advantages

There is a big curated assortment of design wall clocks in the home design shop. Be inspired by the big selection of high class wall clocks!