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Garlic and garlic cutter: indispensable kitchen helpers

Unfortunately, the characteristic smell of garlic remains on the fingers for a long time after cutting. To avoid this, a practical garlic cutter or garlic press is called for. Small garlic cloves can be quickly and easily crushed into fine pieces without having to put your fingers in contact with it.

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Garlic cutter or garlic press? That is the difference
Minds are split on whether garlic is better pressed or cut. The difference is easy to explain. Pressed garlic has a much more intense taste than garlic which has been cut. Therefore it is best for dishes like tzatziki or a spicy Arrabiata sauce. For dishes in which there should only be a light touch of the bulb’s taste, it is recommended to cut the garlic. In the non-pressed state, the essential oils come out less. For this reason, pressed garlic is healthier than cut.
Garlic presses and garlic cutters make everyday kitchen work easier
Whether you prefer garlic pressed or cut is your decision. It is clear: the two kitchen helpers make everyday life easier. By using them you avoid cutting boards taking on the intense flavour of garlic while preparing meals. This risk increases especially when boards are made of wood. The preparation of garlic also goes much faster with a press than with a knife. You should preferably clean the kitchen utensil by hand. It is possible that little bits of garlic will remain in the sieve if using the dishwasher. In contrast to other garlic presses, the Eva Solo garlic press does not use small holes from which garlic is squeezed out. Instead, the bulb is moved through small gaps that are easier to clean.
Garlic: a short overview
Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants. Its harvest season is from July to September. The leek plant is generally divided into three types: white, purple and red. On the basis of these three colors, you can distinguish the flavour intensity. Make sure when purchasing that the skin between the individual bulbs is light pink and not white. This is a sign of freshness. On the other hand, garlic cannot be kept fresh for long, according to general opinion. Make sure you buy it as fresh as possible. Buying a garlic press and garlic cutter online? Have them delivered to you by us within a few workdays, at your convenience!